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  1. ScRaMJeT

    757 FO's NEEDED!!!

  2. ScRaMJeT

    To Houston-based SWA pilots...

    Thats an Awesome avatar!!!! Texas...its like a whole other country.
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    Had Enough of Major

    I would recommend for Starters avantair. They are a growing company. But you will be a captain right out of the box. The pay sucks, but the guys seem to like it there despite the pay, (45,000 per year). I hear that citation shares is not a bad one either, with a relatively quick upgrade. Just my...
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    Delta gets a lifeline...

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    Delta gets a lifeline...

    Midwest SYXDUDE "Midwest Express Airlines announced on April 10th, 2001 that the Boeing 717-200 aircraft had been selected to replace the aging fleet of DC-9-14/15/32 aircraft that it currently operated. The originally letter of intent was for 20 firm aircraft with 30 options, but was...
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    Delta may file ch. 11 Thu, Friday or Sat....

    You sound as if your saying that chapter 11 is the end of the airline. United has been operating under chapter 11 for a while and Continental operated under chapter 11 for years. Chapter 11 will give Delta an opportunity to get it's finances back in order. You have to remember you work for...
  7. ScRaMJeT

    AVSOFT Dornier 328 Jet Products

    oh yea.... Couldn't have said it better myself. And now you know the rest of the story. ScRaMJeT P.S. Theres an old navy saying: If you can't drink and fly... you can't fly.
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    AVSOFT Dornier 328 Jet Products

    Schlitz and pi$$ water. Well it depends on how thirsty you are. If it's a hot day and i'm thirsty, then I can drink almost anything, except Milwaukees Best. Schlitz is beer for a real man, you've got to have a thick neck, hairy chest and women all around ya. I mean...Once i started to...
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    True colour of a MESA pilot....

    FN FAL do you realize you have almost 2000 post. Your a poster fanatic man. You must be addicted to this board. May I recommend employee health services, they have a lot of psychologist on hand to assist you with your addiction. hehe
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    AVSOFT Dornier 328 Jet Products

    Thats good info to know, especially since they are charging 52.00$ dollars for it. 52.00$ is a lot of MGD and Schlitz. Thanks JoBear i'll PM ya. ScRaMJeT
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    AVSOFT Dornier 328 Jet Products

    I'm looking to purchase the Avsoft Dornier 328Jet products listed below. Does anyone have them for sale at a discount? Dornier Do328Jet COCKPIT REVIEW LIGHTS SWITCH GUIDE DORNIER Synoptic screen DO328Jet EICAS panels. DORNIER DO328Jet SYSTEM DIAGRAM. Dornier 328Jet Color Quick Study Guide...
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    Bad News for Indy

    Disregard my above post, someone mysteriously moved the Post. How did they do that? ScRaMJeT
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    Bad News for Indy

    Wrong Forum I'm just wondering why this post is in the Majors forum. The over zealous writer should have posted this in the regionals forum. Scramjet
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    News just reported CRJ crash...

    Theres an old saying accidents come in threes. 747, CRJ, who's next. Be ready!!!
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    Skyway New Hires (Oct & Nov)

    Post a sign in their operations, i'm sure someone will run across it. There's a spot at the bottom of the main page for crashpad listings. How many more are furloughed? Scramjet
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    Upgrade at Midwest Connect down to 6 months.

    A friend of mine at Midwest Connect has just upgraded in the Beech and is waiting for IOE. His class date was April 12th 2004. What he tells me, is 2 from his class were selected, since he was typed in initial training, he is just awaiting IOE and the other is going through the full upgrade...
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    Taking Down a Bad Fed

    Good Good job on fighting the system. Your pretty much correct in everything you said. I'm glad you made it through. ScramJet
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    It's True! Air Vegas leaving business!

    Playing ArmChair CEO, I would say that it was hard to compete with Vision with all of their DO228's and Scenic and there Otters. The President of Scenic told us just after 9/11 that he foresaw it getting reduced down to 2 carriers. Vision handled the Majority of americans and Scenic handled the...
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    Taking Down a Bad Fed

    This is an Easy one: Maria since your a female, Just Hollar sexual Harrasment. It works every time. We had a situation in SOCAL where the degsinated examiner, was joking around with the student and the student took it all seriously. The student just happened to be a well educated former...
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    2 rooms in cvg

    Awesome Price Thats a great price for a liveable pad. I'll keep you in mind in case this Delta and Midwest Connect deal go's through.