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    USA Jet for Sale

    I used to work for them...are they going out of business or just selling the Falcons?
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    USA Jet for Sale

    Is USA for sale or not? Too much conversation and not enough fact! What is it...???
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    CMH- Furnished Room For Rent

    $435.00 + $200 deposit...includes cable, ceiling fan, wireless internet in room, kitchen and laundry room privileges. Very clean, nice home in Reynoldsburg..only 15 minutes from the airport. Call 614-578-4037.
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    NetJets Application Acceptance Notice

    what are the interview procedures? Tests? Sim Rides?
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    CMH -Furnished Room for Rent

    $435 a month with Cable, Wireless Internet, Kitchen and Laundry privileges. Requires a $200.00 refundable deposit with a months notice of moving out. Very clean..
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    NetJets December

    Email for Derinda at NetJets What is the email for her?
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    Furnished Room for rent in Columbus...$435.

    Month to month lease...17 minutes from Port Columbus, cable included along with kitchen and laundry room privileges.:)
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    Need DTW crashpad

    Hi, Lots of crash pads in DTW...Northwest bulletin boards, the apt complex on Wayne road, Spirit Airlines, bulletin board, USA Jet...everyone there has a crash pad...
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    Columbus, OH pilot jobs?

    Looking for a corporate pilot or near Columbus, full or part-time
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    NetJets Crash

    Don't forget Nascar 10 people!
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    citation crews ?

    on skyjobs...there is a web site for, I was unable to pull it up..does anyone have info on this company or web site? :)
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    CL-601 down in Montrose, CO

    Even PROFESSIONAL pilots need to have a sense of fear. I feel as a pro you need to be aware of complacency and fight against temptation to "go below", not to deice, etc. There is enough other problem that can occur that the pilot has no control over then to add to the odds of an accident.
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    On Call Pilot

    available for on call co-pilot position. Type rated in Citation, IAjet, B737, DC9 and Hawker 800 XP. First Class Medical...12,000 + hours. Pay for travel to and from base to Columbus, Ohio...willing to do up to two weeks at a time + daily rate and expenses. (614-578- 4037) :)
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    unions Go Spencer....pilot yip is in management USA JET needs a union....from one who knows. It could be a great place to work.could
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    USAJet Unionized

    usa jet :mad If you get laid off at USA may or may not get your job back...if u kiss butt...probably.. in their opinion if you have a bad attitude forget it. They need a union...if nothing more to guarantee a pay raise, guaranteed days off and a seniority number that means...
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    Flight Options questions

    Flight Options Does anyone know what the beginning salary is for Flight Options? Can you commute?
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    Furloughed pilots

    :) What kind of jobs are other pilots make ends meet while being laid off and no more benefits ? Does anyone have any independent health insurance company that is reasonable?
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    :) Does anyone know what the beginning salary is? Also, what kind of aircraft? :p Isn't aviation great....!
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    :) Can you compmute with Flexjet?
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    What is the web site for finding out an intrepretation of an FAR?:confused: