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  1. racerX

    Wings for a Breezy

    I am interested in building a breezy but am also interested in building the wings. Does anyone know if I can get Piper wing plans? I have also heard reference to Piper wing kits! Does anyone have info on anyone offering Wing Kits? Thanks!
  2. racerX

    How many US Airways mainline pilots are actively flying?

    I've heard a few different numbers in the media and I just wondered if anyone had the real number. How many are actively flying now? (i.e. to be merged.) Thanks!
  3. racerX

    AWA hiring to continue

    The chief pilot just sent out a message saying they were told to continue hiring until told otherwise. And I was just in recurrent and the Airbus Fleet Capt. said that they have planned "pretty big classes through March".
  4. racerX

    Older America West Applications

    Does anyone know if AWA still has our older apps. from the good old days? I had one in with an employee referal. I was told that I wasn't far from an interview. I don't know if they still have that material or not.
  5. racerX

    Vanguard Chpt. 11

    It may be Vanguard's saving grace or her end. Lose the debt and use the profits for expansion. Maybe someone will buy us now. In either case it starts at 1 a.m. Let's hope for the best.
  6. racerX

    Kenmore Air

    Does anyone know if Kenmore Air offers jumpseat agreements to part 121 carriers? If so, who do we talk to?
  7. racerX

    Alaska and Vanguard...together?

    Anyone hear any rumors regarding Alaska and Vanguard? I heard it from someone in the know the other day. Interesting idea considering the fact that Alaska is moving in-country.