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  1. bssthound

    Air Defense Capability - Iran

    :laugh: HILARIOUS!!:laugh:
  2. bssthound

    Robin Olds Tribute

    I second that. Fantastic.
  3. bssthound

    SPS Night Life?

    :beer: Ten second spacing or twenty?? :beer:
  4. bssthound

    F-22 Fraud suit and 62% mission capable rate.

    1989, I was flying F-4s that year. I'm gonna go WAAAAAAAAYYYYY out on a limb and hypothesize that there've been a few upgrades, mods, and a piece of new technology or three that have made their way onto the F-22. All I've heard from guys who've flown it or flown against it are that it is...
  5. bssthound

    Reserve Component Commitments

    I've seen examples of both in my Wing in the Squadron that slacker isn't attached to fly with. Had some guys bail when the airlines were hot; they pretty much laughed their way out the door. They tried to come back but the Chief Pilot said no. Another guy left because of critical family...
  6. bssthound

    McKinley suggests F-18 for ANG, C-27J out..

    Wow. You beat me to the punch. First thing came to my mind. I don't know about anyone else, but I think you're pretty durn smart, Sig!!!!;)
  7. bssthound

    Older/exotic aircraft flying in/for the military

    The USAF has "heritage" flights at airshows where an F-4 will fly in formation with a warbird. I've seen it with a P-51 last year at Ellington. Sometimes the QF-4s at Tyndall are piloted, too. I don't know the particulars of why and when they are piloted, though. I miss the he11 out of that...
  8. bssthound

    Air Force vs. Navy flying

    I heartily second that!!
  9. bssthound

    Navy guys as President

    Ahhhhh, the voice of experience . . . . . . . .
  10. bssthound

    Perhaps it's time to get out

    I'm with Deuce130 on that. Knock out some TPs on flightsim and some tax free mandays in the virtual desert. Can I do "Virtual AWC," Command a "Virtual Squadron," avoid a "Virtual DUI" and make O-6?
  11. bssthound

    UAV's for UPT Grads

    What about AF guys who've flown exchange tours with the Navy? I think they were somehow miraculously able to land on the boat. Also, I can't think of a single military aircraft whose mission is landing, be it on a boat, runway, or anywhere else. It's what happens between takeoff and landing...
  12. bssthound

    UAV's for UPT Grads

    Everyone's favorite food additive chemist said: Nothing more to add, just couldn't agree with you more.
  13. bssthound

    Air Guard Reserve

    Portland, Oregon, also has a CCT unit. I've met some of their guys. As with just about all CCT, extremely squared away.
  14. bssthound

    UAV's for UPT Grads

    The AF did quite awhile back. Several years ago Navs with Comm/Inst tickets were being recruited to operate UAVs. I'm not sure what the requirements are now but have no doubt someone on this board will be more up to date.
  15. bssthound

    2 -v- 1 (close call with a Viper)

    I do bet though after the press coverage this got the military pilot is at a radio listening post somewhere close to the north pole There are several casinos down here that would love to see you come through the front door. Methinks you've watched one or two movies too many.
  16. bssthound

    Name the Tanker Contest

    Flying Uninterrupted, Collecting Kudos By Offering Effective, Important, Neverending Gas Okay. It's a bit of a stretch. But it's the best I could do.....
  17. bssthound

    Name the Tanker Contest

    New Aluminum French Tanker, America
  18. bssthound

    C130j Rvsm?

    ;) I thought you knew him better than that! ;)
  19. bssthound

    C130j Rvsm?

    Hey, Slacker, I just saw your picture on a greeting card. It looked very . . . . . nice.
  20. bssthound

    C130j Rvsm?

    They still ain't.