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    Big Sky ?'s

    I know quite a few guys that went from flying left seat in the 1900 at different operators right to SWA, AirTran, CAL, UPS etc. All within the last couple of years.
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    Commutair upgrade and attrition?

    What's the attrition at Commutair these days and what do they plan on upgrades running at?
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    Life after turbo props

    Had a buddy of mine get hired at SWA back in Oct. He went from flight instructing to flying the 1900 at Commutair to SWA in four years. He has a two year degree had 3400 TT and 1500 PIC when they hired him. Knew a couple people there that he used to fly with and that's it. He was just a line...
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    How's Commutair doing?

    Just wondering what was going on at Commutair these days? Are they hiring a lot, are a lot of FO's leaving for RJ jobs? When will the Dashes be online and what does the upgrade time look like? Just curious. Thx
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    I'm looking for a Chautauqua FO

    Need help locating a Chautauqua FO-Jared Adams- he used to be a student of mine and I can't find his number anywhere. Thanks much.
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    Comair @ DCA Job Fair??

    I'm currently flying 1900's in the northeast. I have around 1700 and 650 multi, with over 450 being turbine sic in a 121 environment. I'm not looking to build time, I'm just looking for a regional that would make an excellent career and I'd would love to fly for Comair.
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    Comair @ DCA Job Fair??

    Does anyone know if Comair is going to be at the Air Inc. job fair in D.C.? If so, are they going to be interviewing? What about ACA?
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    Live with it!

    Snine, I fly the 1900 and I love it. I just turned down an offer to interview at a top regional where they fly a bunch of RJ's. Reason. I will upgrade hopefully by the end of the year and start building that coveted PIC time. I was simply stating what you had said a few months ago when you...
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    Live with it!

    Wasn't this snine dude trying to get on with Commutair and asking if he should hold out for an RJ job instead of flying the lowly 1900? Yeah, it looks like he's logged another 5700 hours in the last four months or so. Pathetic...
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    ACA Interview

    Hey, where do you fly the 1900 at? Do you know anybody at ACA that helped you get an interview?
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    ACA current contract??'s

    Would like to know what the current payscales are @ ACA? How are things going there? Are they planning to start up hiring again anytime soon? How many 328jets are they going to be getting this year for the United side? Thanks for any info...
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    fax # 518-562-8030
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    I'm talking about future upgrades. That's coming straight from the horses mouth. If you're so f@2#ing miserable here why don't you just leave. Plenty of people have moved on to better things, you seem to have the time or do you bring that attitude with you everywhere?????????????
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    They didn't go bankrupt. They did cutbacks so they wouldn't have to resort to that. Smart move. Things are on the up there. Plenty of flying and the upgrades seem to be at a year or less. PM me if you want more info..... ROC first officer
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    Looking for a USA Express FO blazer

    Thanks, I didn't mean it to sound that way either. Its just that everythings happening so fast now, that I want to get everthing in order. The company we used before takes forever to get your order to you. Plus I have to pay for this myself.
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    Looking for a USA Express FO blazer

    Because I got called back. I never bothered to get one last year because I was there during the summer. ok
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    Looking for a USA Express FO blazer

    Wanted to know if anybody has a US Air Express blazer (male size 46R) they would like to sell? If you do, e-mail me. Thank you
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    Looking for USA Express FO Blazer

    Does anybody have a US Air Express FO blazer they would like to sell? Male, Size 46R. Thanks, e-mail if you do........