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    NetJets Pilots Get TA

    My QOL has improved substantially. Rarely get less than 12 hours off, most is 13-15 hours off. This week had 3 days less than 9 hours. Still flew over 28 hours. Long shows automatically changed to hotel duty for a portion. I know a few 7and7 captains pushing $250k this year, small...
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    Pay farce, smarsh HAHAHAHAH

    I’m not one to normally post these numbers, but since this is de-identified. Last two years on “small cabin” (maxed out longevity) on the 72 day, sold back 4 sickdays each year, my end of year W2 was 239k and 242k at NJA. Zero extended days two years ago and 2 extended days in 2018. Used all...
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    Netjets call to action (another post from OneSky Crew Lounge)

    While the details, cost, drama, and timeline are wrong, that is pretty much an advertisement for keeping a union. Throughout that history, NJA pilots were in control of their present and future. By retaining control, and unity, they were able to achieve significant improvements and stability...
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    Airline Letters (A post from OneSky Crew Lounge)

    This language is not coming just from 1108. I have zero contacts with 1108 and I can tell you what everyone in this industry is saying about this issue and the decert. SWA, FedEx, UAL, NJA. It's not good. You're muddying the waters.....if you have a problem with the Teamsters, you replace...
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    All Flex (One Sky) Pilots

    Try getting in anywhere. I would take a photo of my vote, my dues card and quit for pretty much any job if this decert goes through. This is the talk of the industry right now, and it’s not being looked upon favorably at all. Good luck getting on anywhere, you will be damaged goods. If NJA...
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    One Sky taking over Netjets!

    We actually continued to save money during the last round. Coffers are nearly full and a couple years until next round.
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    The vote

    Congrats guys. It's like therapy, nobody wants to need it, and everyone trashes it until they actually participate. Union's are an unfortunately necessity in this industry thanks to guys like Sokel, Hansell and Ricci.
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    No union coming to Flexjet!

    Holy this true?
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    Bombardier G-200s

    Ultras, Xs, G200s have all departed this way, and not just to Bombardier.
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    Im Ready, UNION AT FLEX

    There is absolutely zero reason to not send in a card....even if you have zero intention of ever voting yes for a union. Once the drive is started management tends to come out with some gifts to try and win over the group to avoid a union. Those "volunteered" offers if handled appropriately...
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    If Warren sells NJA, is that a good thing?

    Striking is as much as part of a job at a union job as hotel stays are to a pilot job. If you're not willing to strike, go and get a straight corporate job. If you don't like hotels, or the possibility of a strike you're in the wrong job. Sell, don't sell....ROI, profit or loss, don't care...
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    Flight Options recalls

    Great news!
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    My thoughts

    Based on where airline compensation is now and where we are now, I'd say your judgement has steered you wrong. That same judgement that has failed you once has great potential of failing you again when weighing the need for a union a Flex. Your ability to be so easily "soured" has cost you...
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    My thoughts

    The Flex folks are darn lucky there is a union at FO. The fear of having a union formed at Flex is the ONLY thing keeping Ricci from gutting their pay and benefit packages. Vote in a union or not, Flex pilots owe FO pilots a Thank You. Their old management sold their entire company in a fire...
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    Nov 1st NJA? whats up???

    The only issue could be is if the regionals start to falter from staffing shortages. If that happens the majors may turn to Flex/options/NJA for pilots to minimize disruption to the mainline. Time will tell.
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    UPS to drop 15,000 spouse off health insurance

    The largest percent health care increases over the last 30 years were from 1998-2007
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    Rollout Schedule for Netjets Phenom 300s?

    Difference between the G and the Globals is the they both do the same thing in the same price category. Right now there isn't anything in the midsize that has the speed of the X. Customers will decide what NJA buys.
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    C'mon July

    and have actually petitioned to get out from under the RLA and was denied....
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    Avantair pay cut vacay elimination

    I have nothing constructive to add other than I wish you guys the best of luck. I always liked the scrapiness of your operation. All the best, hopefully this is just a bump in the road.
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    Luthi as leader

    Business will become successful again when there are people to buy their products. Almost all of those products are purchased by the middle class. When the middle class wins, everyone wins. Bring back the 50's minus the racism.