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    "Go Direct to..."

    Just a quick question. I have heard that whenever a controller issues a "go direct to..." it is noted and there is some benefit to the controllers for this. It was never elaborated what the benefit was - retirement points, kudos, who knows? Is this true?
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    New base for Allegiant?

    Just saw in the flight attendants forum a notice for hiring for their "...growing Flight Attendant team in St. Petersberg, FL." Went to the Allegiant site and found it there too under job opportunities. Any words from someone in the know?
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    Just got notified that I was hired for the 28 Sept class. Anyone else? Really looking forward to it! If anyone has information on where to stay cheaply, would surely appreciate it. And please, no flame about how I am selling out the industry flying an MD-80 for low pay. I have been...
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    Allegiant Interview

    I just got scheduled for an interview on 17 August. Any new information? Any tips? Thanks
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    NJ work load

    Ok, here's another question for someone in the Netjets system. Just had a JB jumpseater who said he had been at NJ for 4 years and left right when they got a tentative agreement. He said it was a great company but they work you to the bone. He said 14 hour days for 7 days was typical - if you...
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    Net Jets home basing

    Before you flame me, I did a search and didn't find the answer - just parts of it. Home basing is not available for new hires, right? Just those who were there when the contract was signed. A new hire is based at one of the 5 bases and that is it. No home basing, even with the 7 and 7...
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    Comair Oct 28th class

    Just got called on Monday as an alternate for the Oct 28th class. Just when I was starting to hope I might get a class in late November, maybe. Anybody else on here get that class?
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    Comair Classes

    Hey Positive Rate, or anyone else with knowledge for that matter. Hearing anything about the 28 Oct class or anything past that into Nov or Dec? Curious to see how the schedule is going to shape up into the holidays. Seems like a lot of people waiting to go to class even from March...
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    Pinnacle / Mesaba

    Just saw in the Detroit paper that Northwest is going to demolish part of the new terminal (just opened 7 months ago) in order to expand their operations, especially the regional jets. They said that since United and American were not going to do the 3-4 billion dollar terminal renovation at...
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    What's up? Haven't heard anything lately or seen any notes from people getting to classes. Interviewed in late May and figure I have awhile but am curious about the lack of information. Can anybody at the company give us poolies some warm fuzzies?
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    I am interested in finding out what I can about the Caterpillar flight department. If you are a member or know about it, please PM me. Thanks
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    Comair vs. Flight Options

    I have an interview scheduled with Comair and I have been told by FLOPS HR to expect a call for an interview in the April-May timeframe. Does anyone have input on which would be the better way to go? The obvious answer is whoever offers a job but maybe someone has some input. Any info is...