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    GTA/Dallas Alum

    C'mon guys, lets keep this one
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    Omni furloughs

    It's a very true statement. Both Pilots and F/A's are affected.
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    GTA/Dallas Alum

    The long-haired guy in Scheduling was David, rice rocket boy was Francois, and the guy who got caught manually lowering his gear was Matt, aka Precious in his Ameristar years. Found out he passed away a few years ago in his sleep due to some heart condition. There was a girl named Nicole from...
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    Unusual airline call signs

    USA 3000 = "Getaway"....As fast as you can!!!
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    GTA/Dallas Alum

    I was there from 2000-2001, went to Ameristar for a couple years, flew Hawker's & a Kingair 300 for a corporation in East TX until a couple years ago, and went to USA 3000 on the A320 where I'm now furloughed.
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    H/R e-mail for USA3000

    Heard the exact same rumor yesterday on my post furlough drive back home. A fellow furloughee recieved a call from a friend in Miami who shared the rumor.
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    Does Southwest have unlimited jumpseats

    I actually had an agent in STL deny me boarding last year. He stated my airline wasn't allowed unlimited, and there are already 2 other jumpseaters. The flight was about 40 percent full.
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    Anyone landed at KAUS today 12-18-08

    I think what he's saying was "he was approached by some mens".
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    747 off the runway at O'Hare?

    I've seen alot of crappy Captains in my day. Are you saying the FAA actually knows WTF?
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    USA 3000 Furlough

    I read on another forum where someone got called for an interview, and Brian mentioned there were 29 guys coming back. I talked to a classmate in RSW, and he said Brian told him the same over the phone. I know of 2 guys for sure who turned in resignations, and another who I thought had another...
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    USA 3000 Furlough

    I hope this new guy works out. Anyone have any news on him? Also, my letter says they are recalling 28. I know of 3 who aren't coming back. Seems 27 should be the magic number.
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    USA 3000 Furlough

    I wasn't home when they delivered mine. Hope to catch them tomorrow.
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    TV preacher's wife is sued. Any at CAL know the real skinny???

    Both the F/A, and the Osteen's are huge jokes.
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    Furlough coming up? Which would you do?

    I'm getting it in August, and I plan on doing the following: Collecting unemployment, sleeping late, having an IV catheter inserted into my arm with a 24/7 Budweiser drip, chasing wild women, and playing drums for cash with a couple diferent bands.
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    Paying thousands for a slim chance to get hired at SWA??

    At USA 3000 it's 45,630, and they give you a PIC type in the beginning.
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    "With you"

    Tell ya what Mach, and I think I speak for us all. Next time any of us wants to hear something from an a**hole, I'll just fart.
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    Paying thousands for a slim chance to get hired at SWA??

    I have a bud who is a Capt with another major, and his cousin was hired at SWA a couple years back from the Navy. Apparently there is some type of good ole boy system around as this guy said he knew for a fact, a year prior to interviewing, he already had the job. Those are his words, not mine.
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    Spirit furlough... 45...

    Guess that means the Riddle interns are all gone.
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    Charter Communications

    Not a thing at all. I sent my stuff to them a couple weeks back, and haven't heard a thing. I drove out there a few days ago, and tried to locate the hangar/office with no luck.
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    STL area operators

    Anyone know of any STL area operators who may be hiring? Thanks!!!