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  1. AirCanon04

    Help our counterparts in ATC

    If you dont know much about this the FAA is basically asking congress to void the controllers contracts, much like has been happening on our side for some time. The FAA just walked away from the table and is now seeking to simply force the new contract in. The FAA wants to impose their new...
  2. AirCanon04

    CHQ 145 FO bases...??

    Which base most likely would a newhire 145fo get?? anychance for RIC??? thanks guys...
  3. AirCanon04

    Anyone been to Republic for an interview lately?

    I guess it would count for CHQ as well, but anyways. Where did you stay the night before. How far from the airport is the offices? Any other info would be helpful...thanks
  4. AirCanon04

    Help - thinking of jumping ship for a corp job.

    Just starting discussing possibilities of a corp job somebody passed my name along to. What are some important questions/issues I should get answers too.. Got about a year in at a PDT (looking at 4-5 for PIC). They said typed right off the bat, It would be double what I am making now...
  5. AirCanon04

    What would you do.......

    need some second opinions here guys.... Am currently new hire/on reserve with a usair exp. commuter out east and have been offered an SIC position with a company that has a lear 31&60. Would you stick it out at the commuter or make the jump. I know I wont get as much flying at the lears as...