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    Sportys garmin g1000 PC simulator

    Ok, adding to my own question- I see the Sporty's package simply includes the Garmin simulator- which gets a lot of bad reviews in terms of no running on many computers. If anyone has good or bad experience with that garmin sim, please let me know- thanks.
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    Sportys garmin g1000 PC simulator

    Has anyone here tried this G1000 simulator? Is it fully functional for "flying" the box i.e. setting up and shooting departures, arrivals and approaches? Thanks.
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    I think it's absurd that we don't do offsets everywhere as SOP, including the U.S.- head on is dead head on with GPS and an offset could one day be the save.
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    Writing things down

    In addition to taxi instructions (you never know when a hold short is going to be thrown in) and new or revised clearances, I am lightning fast to whip out the pen and shorthand any weird crossing restrictions that pop up out of the blue ("descend now to FL350, then cross 25 miles north of XYZ...
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    Six reasons airlines are set to crash

    Every event that hits business travel hard- eg 911, the Volcano shutdown, or whatever, does have a certain ratchet effect on business travel never quite bouncing back to where it was before. But there are limits to how much you can teleconference in a relentlessly competitive business world-...
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    Schumer want's a law?

    Schumer has always been a grandstanding ambulance-chaser of the worst order. These guys are pathetic.
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    Best IFR textbook?

    My only beef with the FAA's material is that it weighs in so heavily towards the "primary-supporting" method rather than the "control-performance" method of basic attitude flying, which I personally feel is teaching an emergency technique as the primary way of flying light GA IFR, but that's a...
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    The Airline Pilot Hat: What will become of it?

    Lol- hear hear! I haven't had to wear a hat in years, but back when I did, the last question I got that was triggered by the hat was an elderly lady on a subway platform asking me "are you with the Salvation Army?" I also had pax try and hand me their bags curbside at LGA. For those who feel a...
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    Renewing expired CFI certificates

    I want to renew all my instructor certificates for the heck of it and I know that in my case (expired certificate) any instructor checkride will renew them all. I will choose the CFII ride. Does anyone know if you have to give the FSDO first dibs to have Fed do it if they want to (uh, no...
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    Deal reached on new pilot hours

    Excellent post-- it is all about establishing some kind of minimal floor. Quite apart from experience, to the extent that a floor modifies the supply of regional fodder even a little bit, pay and work rules will be improved, which will benefit safety. Also badly needed is legislation that...
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    Regan to Dulles ?

    I second Av8tor's suggestion. Metro trains run every 5-15 minutes, and the Washington Flyer Bus runs every 30 minutes at 15 and 45 past the hour. With luck you can pull the whole thing off in under an hour, though 90 minutes is possible if you just miss the bus at West Falls Church. As for the...
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    No more regs

    Rest assured that as we banter here, a cubicle worker bee on Independence Avenue, DC, has been assigned to generate some "FAA response", and fill up their resume for the next step climb up the GS-pay ladder. To be fair to the FAA, they usually try and pre-empt even more ludicrous legislation...
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    Question for ex ACA/flyi pilots

    I am posting this in the majors section simply because it relates to an ALPA filing and to catch any ex-flyi pilot's eyes- have any of you received the US Bankruptcy Court, District of Delaware notice of motion from a Dec. 25, 2009 hearing? It lists "approved" ALPA claim amounts for unpaid...
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    KMSP overflight "solved"

    If only it were billions and not trillions, lol (but I know it was a typo). More to the point, if those two clowns had done the MSP overflight the day before the Tiger-ama started, they'd probably have been spared the revocation as the pressure would been off the feds for theatrics.
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    Pilot's watch

    Or $20 for a nice Chinese clone I picked up in Shanghai (and no, I don't wear it but it is a nice souvenier lol).
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    Ryanair, Easyjet questions re: contracts

    The European Union has a single, EU-wide job market.
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    Benedict still examining in STS?

    Agreed- I used to send my students to him. He was through but very fair. Does anyone have his number or web link and care to PM me? Otherwise I guess I can check with a FSDO.
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    drunk united Pilot

    NBC Nightly News was already jumping on the story-- they said it was an LHR-ORD 767.
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    NJA Furloughs

    Agreed- the extent of the over-correction now taking place that believes the rich are an inexhaustible cash cow is amazing.