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    Trans Meridian

    Anybody fly for or have flown for Trans Meridian. If so could you give the good, the bad, the ugly about them. Thanks

    Is any other major still furloughing?

    It looks like Delta is putting another 31 on the street July 1 for a total of 805. Is any other major ie. AA UAL CAL U ect still putting pilots on the street. If not could you tell how many are out at your airline and when the last ones went on the street. As far as I can tell Delta is the...

    Leo's thoughs on one list at Delta

    . He said he would not bring ASA and Com Air into the "Delta Family" because we need the cost advantage to make them high yield. This came off the DALPA message board from a captain who attended an "In Command" class a couple days ago.

    United FO with crash axe

    Was wondering will the United FO get paint a little crash axe on his flight kit for sucsesful kill. Also how many times will it take to make an ace.

    B-727 job on climb to 350

    Is their anyboy that can look at the 727 job and tell me who it is for and what it is about. They keep changing the date so you can't look at it. Thank you