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    Netjets Announces Aircraft Order

    Exactly what Gret said. I think some of you really need to do some research as to how an account at EJM functions as well as the pay and benefits of those EJM Lepers.
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    Delta is now looking at possible USAir Aquistion

    My thoughts exactly. I don't think you would ever see a DAL/AMR deal approved. However, with AMR in bankruptcy, they need to open up their books to any potential suitor. DAL gets a free peek. The LCC makes more sense as it eliminates an AMR/LCC hookup.
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    Kodak shut their doors this week.

    Happened Monday before Thanksgiving. 5 pilots, a couple mx guys and all of dispatch. Really good group of people.
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    Delta 3rd Quarter profit

    I don't have a dog in this fight, I just stumbled upon this article on my yahoo homepage a few minutes ago. Thought it had some interesting points. I think it is a bit of a stretch trying to connect the dots though. Is Delta hiding weakness
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    iPAD XM WX

    Or you could have the ProLine 21 and also have iPads for the crew as well. :beer:
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    Pt 91 Cproprate Partnership Question

    May 2011. Article is titled Illegal Chartering, starts on page 32.
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    Pt 91 Cproprate Partnership Question

    Part 135 yes, 91 no.
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    Pt 91 Cproprate Partnership Question

    I think two months ago, BCA had a very good article regarding this situation. If the owner is setting up an LLC for the sole purpose of operating the airplane and the LLC conducts no other business, the FAA says you cannot do that part 91. Yes we spoke at great lengths with an aviation...
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    APA or BJC Corporate

    You admit that :nuts: Takes some pretty big rocks to do it in public.
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    HTO trip

    Ok, I give up you win. My hat's off to you, you certainly came here with your internet game face on.
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    HTO trip

    I could really give a $hit what he puts in his body or how he spends his money. If you read his very first post, it is a bit ambiguous and states he is on a $175 per month budget. Now it is clear that it is only for when he flies, but still he does not state how many days per month. But when...
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    HTO trip

    Ok, so $175 divided by 30 days equals, $5.83 per day and 31 days equals $5.64 per day. Seriously though, I think why you have gotten some of these comments is because, well, it is the Hamptons......I don't think there is a place to eat on that kind of budget. Now the flip side of the...
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    The AJC's slanted take on corporate aircraft

    No bleep. Exactly how would you expect the CEO of an airline to travel.... :rolleyes:
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    Did I spell something wrong again somewhere???? I typed it on the iPad and besides, G200 was harassing me, so I blame everything on him :laugh:
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    Hangared in Lane Aviation. They have a 900 and I believe a 50 as well. CEO is a huge aviation buff. He has a citation that is painted in MAC colors, a mustang (not the citation type) and one other fun airplane, can't remember what it is. CMH has seemed to be a second home for us lately.
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    World and Emirates

    Also heard that Atlas is pretty much tapped out for capacity this year and also, they are interested in long term contracts.
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    "Airline types need not apply"

    Crap, did I spell There, They're or Their wrong somewhere :laugh:
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    "Airline types need not apply"

    What G200 says is gold as well, even if he is a putz..... Most of the good jobs are filled with someone with an inside track, friend or friend of a friend etc. :beer:
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    "Airline types need not apply"

    Two different business models. The airlines are in business to transport people, cargo etc and try to make a profit doing it. A corporate department is just a unit of the business which I assure you is not in the passenger transportation arena. We are a cost center plain and simple. We cost...
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    Metro Bus driver highest paid city employee $160,000

    Very well put. A very basic comparison anyone can understand. There is an article about a NJ Turnpike worker that raked in over $300k.