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    Airtran In LGA

    Ty Webb must have made one of his usual landings. "Citrus 368 you are cleared to land" "Roger Citrus 368 cleared to land" "Uh oh its Ty..............ROLL THE TRUCKS!!"

    NWA: interim contract proposed: 24% pay cuts now

    What a bunch of <edit>. I hope the pilots get to vote on that turd of a TA. If that gets voted in i will have lost all respect for the entire upper half of the seniority list over there. I wonder if that was Duanes idea. 23% pay cut and it only saves the company 215 mil a year, that shows you...

    Calling Satpak77???????????

    Hey Sack Pat, Instead of trading sunkist check out Trading Places. Its a great movie. Especially if you have been spending a lot of time doing nothing in your moms basement (or your bedroom as I like to call it) and havent seen much sunlight in a while. Get out and enjoy the life that is...

    Midwest or stay at Eagle

    OH yeah I forgot, I think 1800RVR is a homosexual also HEE HEEE HEEEEE Just kidding, Whats up 1800? How you likin the brown coat these days? Give me a pm sometime see ya

    Midwest or stay at Eagle

    I think that Ty and Chuck are repressed homosexuals, and after each of their posts they cry for about 15 minutes and then go back and masturbate while reading eachothers rebuttals. But thats just my opinion. Oh one more thing. I guess if I had to chose I think Ty is much more of a...

    Another Funny Video

    Hey does anyone know the website from a while back. or something like that???? The animated video with the DC-10 landing on the highway in California. I cant remember. If someone has it please post the link. Thanks Sammy-D

    Farewell to AWA Photo Video

    I laughed, I cried, It became part of me

    do you read in the cockpit?

    HAVE YOU EVER READ IN THE COCKPIT???? YES!!!! or if you want to be politically correct NOT INTENTIONALLY I think if you said NO they would just mark down "this guy lies and dont trust him"

    More Wright Amendment stuff

    Blaaaaaaaaa Blaaaaaaaaaa Blaaaaaaaaaaa Typical politicians response, or AA owns her ass.

    More ATA nonsense

    Thanks for your typical comments Ty, I guess if your family is killed in a train wreck, I should say "Geeze, in hind sight, looks like you should have bought that huge rediculous pricey insurance policy" Basically by now, if Airtran would have gotten the deal, there would have been 4 times...

    NWA... whats their status?

    Well now that Duane Worthless is getting hit personally in the balls by this, I am sure ALPA national will finally step in to stop the insanity. But seriously, I will actually be very interested to see if his viewpoint and priorities change now that he is personally being affected by all of...

    SWA Poolies Class Dates

    Hopefully as soon as the first poolie gets a call for a class, they will post it on this thing. I know SWA/FO has listed the class dates in Nov, Dec, and Jan. Sounded to me like they were pretty bonafide, so hopefully someone will be getting a call soon. Only question I have is that every...

    SWA October Decision Board?

    good luck to all future poolies Hey BABES, Just thinkin back to when I was in the same boat. Maaaaaaaan, I know how tough it is. But when you get the call you will realize how well worth the wait it was. Just remember that things seem to be different every DB. So if the phone doesnt...

    Time to say NO MORE

    An all airine pilot union yes. That should have been what pilots did back in the beginning. Didnt they try by the way?? But to include all employees would be a bad idea. There is a lot less solidarity in the other employee groups. Too many part time employees that couldnt care less about...

    Time to say NO MORE

    Hey Maaaaaaan Sammy-D here, Here’s a dumb question for everyone. When the heck is the first ALPA pilot group going to stand up and say NO! Cast a strike vote, and just walk out. This is ridiculous. I am ashamed to wear the pin. We have lost all credibility and leverage as a union. We are a...

    Southwest online app

    Hey Babes, GET A BACKGROUND CHECK!!!! there are a couple of agencies that do them pretty cheap. Also GET A DMV report pulled for every state you have driven in for at least the past 5 years. Also cheap piece of mind. The last thing you need if you get the call is any stress on your...

    Midwest Airlines

    Hey Maaan, Ole One Eye Sammy-D here, with some good word of advice to the mudslingers here on this thread. This same thing happens everytime 2 guys cant get along or a thread gets outta hand. people start slinging general insults against the others airline, which is then misconstrued as the...

    Wright fight getting ugly!

    HEY BABES, I gotta say, this is certainly a great thread man. I started reading it and it had 4 pages and now its already up to 8! woweee! Cant we all just get along babe-a-roo. Coo Coo Ca Choooooo.