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  1. InHot

    SWA memphis

    To Prep or Not to Prep Interesting discussion. My .02 - Three interviews at SWA. Got hired the third time. Did the interview prep for the 3rd interview. Maybe it was just a coincidence? You decide. Merry Christmas to all.
  2. InHot

    SWA Online Recommendations

    U R correct! SWA pilots can't enter an online recommendation until the canidate is scheduled for an interview.
  3. InHot

    Looking for Room to rent BWI area

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  4. InHot

    Looking for Room to rent BWI area

    Mature Pilot/FA couple looking for furnished room to rent in BWI area beginning Aug 04. Infrequent use (I hate the term "crash pad") - tired of hearing other guys snore, waking me up @ 0 dark 30.
  5. InHot

    New Guy - Where to start?

    Thanks for the replies guys - good stuff. One thing I think most everyone agrees upon is to get the four degree. It is definitely a plus when looking for any employment, whether in aviation or outside in the "real" world. Any more opinions?
  6. InHot

    New Guy - Where to start?

    Hey Guys, I'm an old military guy who has a great flying job (SWA). I have a nephew who is considering an aviation career and would like advice as to how to go about getting his training. I'll bet it's probably been beat death already a thousand times, but I'd like to hear opinions about how...
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    SWA class family info

    Dental/Medical Coverage My Recollection (how's that for equivocation) is that medical/dental coverage begins on day 1 in the the general HMO plan. After 30 days if you do not elect a different coverage you will stay in the general plan for the remainder of the calendar year. If you elect one...
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    Here Come the 15 Mar Calls!

    Great News Everyone Congrtats! Looking forward to seeing y'all, Best of luck and welcome aboard!!
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    To All SOON 2B Former SWA Poolies!!!

    From the SWA Newsline, Friday, 9 Jan 04: "We anticipate resuming interviews for hiring in March of this year. The pool will be exhausted in mid-spring with the forecasted classes. As you know, our on-line application site will open Monday, January 12. Our People Department recruiters and staff...
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    VA approved CE-500 type rating

    Flight Safety in Toledo, OH is VA approved for CE 500 (Citation II).
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    SWA Vacency Bid

    Hey Phil - Chill GEO was trying to pass on a little info - to help out those who are are waiting - It is tough times for those on the outside looking in and I we all feel for those who are still looking for work. I think you have overreacted - but that is MY perspective - from your...
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    Please donate

    My Home Page Keep it coming guys - I wouldn't want to have change my home page if Flight Info goes BYE-BYE. Boy, I must be a geek - to have FLIGHT INFO as my home page, but it has been an INVALUABLE source of info these past two years. Thanks to those who created and maintain this site...
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    Purdy Neat Roll On Bag

    It' on Ebay
  14. InHot

    Purdy Neat Roll On Bag

    Hey Guys/Gals, For all you Southwest Wa-Na-B's, Soon-2-B's & Hope-2-B's: Bought this bag in April 03. Used it twice, decided it wasn't for me. Has the SWA logo on front. Top handle has my name embroidered on it. Replacement handle can be had for about $15.00 @...
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    Looking for new hire stats. @ SWA

    When I was hired: Age 49 9800 total 5000 PIC 6000 ME Military/Part121/135/91
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    Merry Christmas Swa Poolies

    Congratulations! Congratulations to all on the 12 Jan class. As a recent ex-poolie I, for one am VERY happy to hear about the next class. You guys should have your welcome aboard hard line in March and should push me off of reserve for April- for that I am extremenly grateful. Had my Turkey...
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    Newby life at SWA

    No, not a misprint, just great benefits. PPO employee + children is $9.00/month ($15 copay $150.00 deductible per person per year to max of $500.00 per family per year). Basic dental for employee + family is free. I took the optional dental ($16.00/month) since I knew I had some crowns...
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    Newby life at SWA

    Take Home pay I don't think you can get a clear cut answer. Variables include state/federal tax, 401k contributions, uniform payments, life insurance, medical/dental insurance, pilot mutual aid, etc. Does the guy have a hard line or reserve? Is he a commuter or does he live in domicile. Does...
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    Jumpseat Etiquette

    Don't think you are ranting. Jumpseating is a privelege. I first ask the "A" flight attendant for permission to enter the cockpit. I enter the cockpit with my right hand extended as I introduce myself to the Capt/FO. In my left hand I have my ID, my license/med certificate and...
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    How does SWA pay work?

    Trip Rate X 1.1393 = Hourly (or so I've been told) Once you're here, you shift your thinking and no longer think in "hourly" terms. SWA IS different! - If you've come from another airline it's a paradigm shift of major proportions.