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    looking for someone at Comair

    I am trying to get in touch with a friend of mine, Corey Adams, from high school who works for Comair at CVG. Just got out of the Navy and haven't seen him in like five years. Anyone know him?
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    non-owner insurance question

    My flying club has insisted that we get non-owner insurance for bodily injury and property damage. I have never gotten into aviation insurance before and was wondering which company to purchase a policy from? Also, I am not real sure of how much liability to get. $100,000 per person/$500,000...
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    Headsets, Inc. ANR kit

    I am thinking about installing a Headsets, Inc. ANR retrofit to my David Clark H10-20. Has anyone ever done this or know anything about the kits? Is it really worth the $169?
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    Question for instructors on C172RG

    Does anyone know of a link showing the electro/hydraulic landing gear schematic for an RG other than the POH?
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    Manifold pressure gauge question.

    I was wondering what the manifold pressure gauge is actually measuring. Is it the amount of suction the cylinders are pulling through the manifold? Can someone clear this up for me?:confused:
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    Canadian credit for U.S. licenses

    I am about to go to Canada to train in bush and float flying. Has anyone had expierence transfering U.S. certification to Transport Canada? Just wondering if it is a pain in the _ _ _.