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  1. h25b

    Garmin 396

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this new unit and its XM Weather functions. I am specifically curious if anyone knows for a fact if this thing could work in a Lear 31A with the gold heated windshields. All of the avionics guys basically give me the answer of, "Maybe." I'm...
  2. h25b

    Exuma / MYEF

    Could someone give me some insight about flying down to MYEF ??? Will be going from NC down to there and was curious about ATC, customs, etc...
  3. h25b

    Las Vegas

    Been awhile since I have overnighted. Will be there all weekend. Anyone have dining suggestions, best hotel for the money, things to do that are worth the money....
  4. h25b

    Lear 31A Windshield

    Looks like our left one is belly up and will need replaced... Anyone out there care to chime in on the average time to replacement for the electric heated windshield on these things. Of course, the windshield is a "vendor" item which is only under warranty for 2 years. Ours is about 4 years old...
  5. h25b

    Boeing Looking for Chief Pilot ???

    Saw this one the other day... Requisition Number 05-1030556 Occupation Title Flight Operations-Pilot Job Title Heavy Jet Support Mgr L Skills Management Title Heavy Jet Level MANAGEMENT Business Component World Headquarters (WHQ) Experience Level Experienced Job Location Gary, IN US Person...
  6. h25b

    Anchorage Alaska

    Anyone familiar with corporate activity in Anchorage ? Have family up there that is looking around for gigs. Running quick searches through the FAA site for him sure hasn't produced much.
  7. h25b

    Real Men of Genius/Discount Airline Pilot Guy This was e-mailed to me by FurloughedAgain... (Can't take the credit...)
  8. h25b

    Part 135 Customs

    New to the Part 135 Customs procedures/forms... Could someone please run through the process. Have a flight going non-stop in to YYZ (Avitat) and returning back in to NC, both with passengers... Please include what forms I need going in to Canada and back into the U.S. Got the General Dec...
  9. h25b

    Visual Approach Procedure

    O.K. gang, opinions welcome... I just got back on a late night arrival and while I wait for my 2 mo. old son to go to sleep (Lord willing) approach really pi$$ed me off this evening so I thought I'd poll the audience. Coming in (especially late at night) on clear evenings I'll typically set-up...
  10. h25b


    Think we're going to be going to Kingston, Jamaica next week in our Learjet 31A. Perhaps some of our more experienced international/carribean operators will have some pointers.
  11. h25b

    Atlanta Area

    Got some trips coming up where the pax need to go to an event at Stone Mountain Park... I'm assuming PDK is our best option. Anything closer or more convenient for our Lear 31a ???
  12. h25b

    Wholesale GIA Diamonds

    Hello everyone, Thought I'd take this free advertising opportunity... I am starting in a new business venture with the sale of GIA certified diamonds. Any size, cut, and quality available. Feel free to contact me for a quote via PM. Loose diamonds or available in any desired setting. All...
  13. h25b

    ASA Jumpseat Policy

    Can FAR 135 pilots jumpseat on ASA ??? I have heard many different slants on this. I haven't been in the airline business since 9/11 and don't really have a need to. I guess just curiosity more than anything and I know things are a lot different these days. A friend of mine that flies with...
  14. h25b

    Uncontrolled Airport Procedure...

    Has ANYONE noticed lately that very few IF ANY people announce their intentions during their position reports... It's usually, "Cessna 123 Right Base Runway 04" and that's it... People seem to fail to grasp the importance of telling the world whether you're doing a FULL STOP, TOUCH & GO, STOP &...
  15. h25b

    Global Hawk

    Can someone fill me in on the operational status of this aircraft and what the impressions of its performance is so far...
  16. h25b

    Learjet 40

    Anyone here done any research with the Learjet 40 ?? I've seen nightmarish scenarios with early serial number Lear 45's and would think that all of the major bugs with the type would be worked out with the 40. Does the Lear 40 have any issues of its own ??? We're not in any hurry, but it seems...
  17. h25b

    (2) Like New Telex Airman 750

    I have two pair... They are both like new and are the newer type with the fully flexible boom. These came with our new aircraft and are being replaced with ANR models... 100.00 each.... PM for details
  18. h25b

    Airline Failures...

    This is outstanding, thought you guys would like...
  19. h25b

    LGA Info. Please...

    Have to go to LGA tomorrow morning. Any pointers for going in to the gigantic pain in the arse of an airport. Our PAX have a meeting at one of the hotels nearby so I couldn't convince them to fly in to anywhere alse.
  20. h25b

    Learjet Windshield Cleaner

    Can anyone recommend a good cleaner for Lear windshields and where do you order it from. Also, if anyone would recommend some type of disposable paper towels that won't damage the windshields in the process. Just restocking supplies and thought I'd ask about products/vendors. Please be...