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    ASA MEC update.

    Looks like and sounds like you've made many mistakes. You might want to look at your judgement and evaluation skills. They seem to be lacking. TaTa
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    ASA MEC update.

    Have you really looked into the SKYW work rules? You would be taking a major cut overall. And the one list with them. Look at how PNCL, Mesaba & Colgan list was handled. I think you would come up on the very short end of the stick on that one.
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    CFI renewal

    Gleim. A few hours at home on the computer.
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    Latest XJT info

    Will do.
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    Latest XJT info

    Is she open to a corp. gig in Houston?
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    Latest XJT info

    Are you coming back?
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    XJT negotiations update

    You forgot to add the Thanks to the one person that thinks he knows everything.
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    LabCorp -BHM

    Well you couldn't stay away from an airplane long could you pops!
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    Skywest Pay Agreement.

    If you read carefully the costs are offset by them doubling the freeze time on aircraft. That means a huge savings in training costs.
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    Eagle shoots down B scale

    You will be reading the next chapter shortly.
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    ExpressJet JCBA is complete

    I guess you haven't grown up yet.
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    LXJET 70+ seat rates out

    Something you do not have at this point for PBS. And what are you willing to give up for them?
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    LXJET 70+ seat rates out

    They, XE and The Company, won't allow it. Why is that?
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    Mesa MEC Helps Screw over Express Jet Pilots??

    Some questions that need to be asked : 1. Did he attempt to pick up time 2. Did he have any unfinished business with the MEC and or any other work with National or management 3. Did the new MEC communication to him how the transition should take place going back to the line
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    AMR can abandon pilots' union contract -judge

    Yep. Horton will run out and sign a large deal to lock in hundreds of larger Rjs.
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    Republic and AMR in talks about "large RJs"

    You have to have money buy new a/c. AA nor any other Mainline will finance them anymore. "Likely"?? If they were in serious talks with AA there would be no "likely". They either are or are not interested in the E170/175.
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    Big meeting: Skywest, ASA/XJet, Alpa, SAPA

    If your non union then your at will employment.
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    Virgin America QOL

    How's the family out there? DU says hello.
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    Pinnacle is in deep, holy cow

    Two things. one, if the scope clause allows more larger a/c and two....the only reason you have this clause is because of the ASA management team that made it apart of the CPA. Not your former management team.
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    Virgin America new modern pilot uniforms

    Ralph Cramden is rolling over in his grave.