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    SkyWest to operate 40 EMB175s for AAG

    I thought the American E175s were going to Mesa? They claim it is all but announced.
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    Who's the potential buyer of the C-Series?

    Oh. Well, then...there you go.
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    SKYW 2012 Q2 Earnings

    Our financial rewards are based on individual quarterly earnings. I flew with a "minimum hours" per month CA with higher seniority than Jon who said his was $700 before tax. I'm a fly what they give me FO and my bonus was $506 gross. I imagine Jon flew a lot in Q2 = earns more = more bonus...
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    aal 001
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    Could someone smart explain SKYW stock's continual decline?

    To answer the original poster: No. Not here.
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    Who is going to take the Qs?

    I stand corrected. Thank you.
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    Who is going to take the Qs?

    If you're talking about the SAPA Forums post, Jerry personally told me one thing and four days later the EXACT opposite happened (AirTran). The fact that we refused 50 seat pay for the Q is irrelevant. If he wants them, they will be here and we'll fly them for whatever he wants to pay --...
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    Who is going to take the Qs?

    If SkyWest is interested, they've already prepared the program and have it approved. I remember the first incarnation of the ExpressJet purchase, the E145 program was already approved and in place prior to the offer. No one knew anything about it until the announcement was made. I have been...
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    Peronne Leather Jacket

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    SkyWest to buy Comair

    New one to me. Actually, I should say, "new old one to me."
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    SkyWest PHX base Jan. 1

    You're correct. My Mistake.
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    SkyWest PHX base Jan. 1

    Is the restriction 70 seats+? Our United 700s are configured to 66 seats, 67 for Delta, 70 for Alaska.
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    SkyWest PHX base Jan. 1

    200 base for now. The CPA is 14 200s with an option to upgrade to 700s. Unknown to me where exactly the aircraft are coming from. I've heard that we're starting with 200s because we can't get a hold of any 700s (new or used) right now. Take that for what it's worth.
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    SkyWest PHX base Jan. 1

    Official announcement today. SkyWest PHX base effective 1/1/12 -- 45 crews to start.
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    Skywest to fly for US Airways

    CC: We're starting out using 200s because we can't get a hold of any new or used 700s right now.
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    Skywest to fly for US Airways

    It's a 3 year deal. Mesa's CRJ 900 contract expires in 2015. Coincidence? I think not. If I remember correctly, US Airways is at its max for CRJ 900s. I think they cannot bring anymore online unless others come off. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    UCon contract?

    I've heard this from 3 different UAL Captains as well (in my jump and me in theirs). Except they were saying 90-100 seats. That was pretty early on in the merger, however. Not bait, just relaying my discussions. My impressions are that the UAL mid to senior pilots are just fed up and want to...
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    SkyWest Inc. On The Prowl For Further Aquisitions

    Horizon, Eagle, Comair, Mesa? No, no, no and no. It's Republic Air Holdings. Keep it on the DL, please.
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    Skywest Inc quarterly earnings call

    I don't think anyone indicated it was the pilots. The problem was winter weather in Houston, Chicago, and Atlanta. Coupled with heavy maintenance obligations for the CRJ200s. That simple. BR even mentioned that the fuel costs have been mitigated by successful fare increases on the pro-rate...
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    UAL / CAL scope

    Do you guys realize that SkyWest is in a LONG TERM contract with United? In excess of 10 years for most of the airframes from the DOS. If United were to terminate the contract to bring the flying in-house, they'd have to essentially pay SkyWest as if they had flown those years for United. It...