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    FAA licenses from mil training.

    It's my understanding that during flight school (Navy) that there's a day at or near the end of training when one can complete paperwork and receive FAA certificates. Is that a one time shot or can one go back and try for it years after the fact. A friend of a friend was a SH-60 pilot in the...
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    Military medical records

    Anyone ordered one lately? I went to a government archive web site recently and all it offered was to reproduce portions of the record. I need the complete file. Suggestions?
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    Older/exotic aircraft flying in/for the military

    Heard a contractor was still flying the A3 whale on some sort of contract. NASA was up until recently flying a F106 and still flies WB57's. Navy has a couple of F4's (not drones) Anything else cool flying in research, training roles?
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    UPS call back

    During the UPS interview I was told at the beginning that I would be eligible to reapply after six months should I not be selected. I unfortunately received the letter of regret after a two week wait. After some research I came to the conclusion that while they have the policy in place, few if...
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    727 or similar sim SOCAL

    Any help appreciated.
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    SWA second time around...

    How close to the one year did you receive another invite? I imagine this is somewhat fluid, so save me the search function comments if that's the plan.
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    San Diego area jobs...

    Need to supplement current income. Anyone aware of any part time positions? CFI is expired so I can't go that route. Yes, I'm aware of all the flight time limits.
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    Ups Ont Cp

    Anyone know the name of the CP in ONT way back in 1997?
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    FE witten

    I took it about five years ago, flying 121 before and still am. Is it good? I've heard some say yes, some no.
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    Part time flying in San Diego area

    Need to make a little extra cash, so says the wife. Don't feel like picking stuff up with the company as I'm a commuter. Be happy to sit in the right seat of someones Citation, etc. Any leads are appreciated. Thanks
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    Next few months will be busy, want to get it done early. When its time I get bombarded with junk mail from them, but now I can't find one besides aviation seminars. Live in the SOCAL area so I need one locally. Help please.
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    Looked at to apply for a pilot position. A quick look didn't reveal anything for pilots. Different site or is it hidden somewhere in there?
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    Nov 10 1775

    Happy birthday Marines.
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    Just curious...

    Over the top of DMA a few days ago. Saw among the masses a number of C5's parked. No where near the active portion of the base so I believe them to be in the boneyard. For what reason(s) are they parking them?
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    DAL complaint phone number

    Had an elderly passenger on board today who was irate about a wheel chair issue and asked for a phone number to call and complain. Didn't have one to give her. Anyone know of a dedicated complaint number for DAL/DCI? The best I could do tell her to call the same number she used to buy her...
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    Settle a bet....

    Generally speaking can fighter/attack type aircraft fire their guns on the ground? Seen them do it at bore sites, but I don't know if they were somehow tricked by messing with pseu's/squat switches/equivalent.
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    Couple of questions

    Looking for good one or two sentence interview answer to define unbalanced field length. Please, no answers that balanced and balanced don't equal each other. Also looking at some of the common W&B questions any of you came across at your interviews. Uncommon ones also. It is amazing how much...
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    TERPS manual

    Looking for a link to online TERPS manual that is not in pdf form. Thanks
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    Signal break and weight and balance

    I know I shouldn't have thrown away all that Jepp explanation stuff in the front...... What is the maximum distance allowed for signal break(that broken bar thing) at the MEA on an airway. For the life of me I can't remember. I have an upcoming interview. I was told to expect a lot of...
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    Will fly for food

    Is the site still around?