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    Flying to the Bahamas

    That is going to be a nice trip. Remember VFR at night is not permitted in the Bahamas, and before entering the ADIZ on your way back you need permission from ATC (Miami Center). Needless to say that you will have to clear customs in both countries, That is Freeport or Nassau in the Bahamas...
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    Braking action

    Hy there, I flew into Stuttgart, Germany the other night in a pc12 (single engine turbine). A snow shower moved over the airport at our arrival. The traffic controller asked most of the big jets about their comments on the braking action. Nearly everybody replied with: "braking action is...
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    where to rent a C172 near Chicago

    Dear All, Soon, I will be visiting Chicago for a couple of days. Does anyone know a nearby GA airport and a flight school where I can rent with or without instructor a cessna 172 for a sightseeing flight? Any recommandations are highly appreciated. Thank you, Reinier
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    operational cost of a 767

    Hello, Can anyone tell me what the operational cost of a 767 approximately is? I know This depends on the airline etc. But what does fuel cost per gallon, maintanance, crew, landing fees ect. I know this might be a difficult question to answer, but a rough estimate would be fine! Thank you...
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    Fuel Dumpg

    Hey There, Does anyone know what the fuel dumping rate of the 767 is? I mean, how many lb or kg per min. Thank you in advance, Pink Panther
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    question about the B767

    Dear All, I am studying aeronautical engineering. During this study I have to research a case of a B767 losing two hydraulic systems in flight. The B767 has three independent hydraulic systems. If the Left and center system would fail, the following faults will occur: AP: inop stab trim: 1/4...
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    transatlantic procedures

    Hello, Can someone inform me about transatlantic procedures? Is it true that one needs a seperate clearance to cross the Atlantic seperate from the IFR clearance? Whith whom are you in contackt over the atlantic and how often are you expected to give a position report? What kind of seperation...
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    rate-one turn in holding

    Hello, A couple of weeks ago I learned on this board that fast planes do not use a turn coordinator because of the high speed. A standard rate turn needs an excessive bank. How do big planes fly a holding, what bank do they use and how long does it take to complete a 180-turn in the holding...
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    Bank indicator

    Quote: While there is an indication of quality of turn, it's typically a nice-to-know function (and has bearing only during an assymetrcal thrust situation, such as an engine shutdown). Normal flight in most turbojets consists of keeping the feet on the floor, or letting them sleep on the rudder...
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    Bank indicator

    Thanks, But if jet's don't make standard rate turns, what kind of turns do they make, and how can a pilot see whether he is flying a coordinated turn? Furthermore, if the inclinometer is incorporated in the sky pointer, how can you see whether you are flying a coordinated turn? best wishes,
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    Bank indicator

    Hello, Could someone tell me where the turn & bank indicator are located in a modern glass cockpit? Thanks and have a safe flight! Reinier
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    Flight school in DC area?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a good flight school in the Washington DC area to get my single engine CPL, Any names and addresses are very much appreciated! Thank you, Reinier
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    Hand held GPS??

    I have a Garmin 92, which I'm very happy with, It doesn't have approaches or a map with roads and lakes, only airspaces, but thats good otherwise the little screen would be to busy. a friend of mine has an Laurance which is also very nice, but we discovered that my batteries lasted longer. My...
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    Hypoxia Presentation...need advice

    If you have a baloon of 1 cu feet at MSL, What is the volume of the same baloon at 18.000 feet? anyone, anyone?
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    A quiz for the interviewee. Bonus!

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    ILS, with or without the Glideslope

    quote If the glide slope fails you must go missed. The only reason you start your time is to know where the MAP is. You need to think of that plate as two seperate approaches. There are also loc only approaches without timing. A DME distance can define the MAP as well. In case The GS would...
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    Ari-Ben Aviator Flight School

    That crash had nothing to do with poor maintenance, but with an examinar who pulled the throttle just after TO. They both died! In my opinion, the maintenance is good and you can fly 24H a day. The think they're professional, but they're not. That three people can log PIC at the same time...
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    CPL single eng.

    Dear all, I got about 10 months ago my CPL Multi Engine, and now I'm considering getting my CPL Single Engine. Do I have to pass again the CPL-written or an oral, or can I just do the check-ride? Thanks in advance!
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    Space Shuttle or shooting star?

    Hello I was flying from San Antonio to Dallas February 31, 21:45 CST and just around Waco I saw a shooting star, very bright from horizon to horizon and East-Southeast bound! (direction Florida?) I asked Waco app. if he knew something about the shuttle activities but he didn't know, two other...
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    How bad would this mess up your career?

    I see it so many times on the ramp at Dallas love, a lear or MU-2 stuck in the mud. But is it true that a NASA report can help you avoiding a violation? And what is the theory behind that??