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  1. obadie

    SWA interviews

    Checkairman this week told me 400 new hires and that the company was expecting to hit the 15%ROIC mark. Also working on getting anywhere from 40 to 60 used 737-700 from Ryanair. We are going to give Ryanair our 800 orders. This is to fill the gap until the Max comes out. Like everything...
  2. obadie


    I have a buddy that got a job offer from Transair out of Hawaii flying shorts. Anyone have any info good or bad about Transair? Thanks in advance.
  3. obadie

    RSW FAs harrass FAT FA

    On the van in STL. AT Captain and FO were riding to the hotel with us. SW FA tried to greet them with a hello and handshake. The AT FO never looked up and keeped looking at her phone. SW CA said hello and asked how their day was going. The AT CA said " Disgruntled". Our CA just ignored his...
  4. obadie

    1261 days to go!

    I'm placing bets on who will be waiting for the stroke of midnight to post zero. I'm thinking the odds favor whataburger...
  5. obadie

    Tsa over manned - tax payers money well spent

    TSA is a joke! Tsa has spent over a billion dollars in a face reading program. Was the money well spent h&ll no! They never caught one terriost. In fact, 16 passengers alledegly tied to terror plots passed through security 23 times. I'm sure glad us tax payers could afford getting them all new...
  6. obadie

    Been hearing DEN to be next SWA crew base?

    I think SMF is currently off the list. It is our most expensive airport we serve. Time to give SMF a smack down like we did to SEA and ELP.
  7. obadie

    Been hearing DEN to be next SWA crew base?

    Right before AT MEC turned down SL9. The only thing constant is change. I could see DEN happening depending the outcome of Frontier.
  8. obadie

    Been hearing DEN to be next SWA crew base?

    Den is not in the running until well after 2013. That came directly from GK!
  9. obadie

    Another SWA proposal

    Quit acting like a Troll Here's an idea.....why don't you just wait and get the facts instead of questioning what everyone thinks they know.
  10. obadie

    SWAPA/ALPA negotiate settlement

    Like I said it's false. Why would you believe anything off this forum or any other forum. I've read every email from our union and not one stated a staple. Don't confuse emotion with facts. Show me this "established fact"....just because a anonymous poster says so that's not fact.
  11. obadie

    SWAPA/ALPA negotiate settlement

    Nindri your misinformed! Your obviously a Troll. Your above statement is completely FALSE!
  12. obadie

    Southwest Pilots Gather at SWA HQ

    Xrated your a true class act. Your ignorance and stupidity is deafening!
  13. obadie

    AirTran MEC vote - explained

    Never did i say it was MY money. It's a quote that came from my union leader. Lets not forget which pilot group negotiated one of the best contracts in the industry that you will hopefully be apart of.
  14. obadie

    AirTran MEC vote - explained

    I guess more than 2 million individually and 3 billion collectively was not good enough. This is going to get ugly.
  15. obadie

    boeing agreed to re-engine the 737 for AMR
  16. obadie


    Rogerwilcoout the coward, It takes a true self centered egotistical P.O.S to make a comment about an entire work group like that. I'm sure you could walk up to the F9 families and look them in the eyes and tell them they're getting what they deserve in your opinion. Your a true class act. By...
  17. obadie

    Welcome to the family

    Oys, Your Proctologist called, he found your head!
  18. obadie

    SWA Interviews

    The folks being called for the first 120 pilot positions have already been called. Im guessing after the AT deal is signed SWA will announce future growth plans which should reopen the application window in the near future.
  19. obadie

    SWA Intel

    Generaltso, we eat bag lunches from Chick-fil-A
  20. obadie

    Southwest Upgrade

    Jetfumes, I will refrain from taking the full hook. Im sure you know the only constant in this industry is change. It might be 10 years today and 20 years tomorrow and 5 years next month. The great advantage of working at SWA is that the FO's make more than most other airline Captains. Good...