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    CO on bid packet

    Carry Over - the number of hours carried over into the next bid period.
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    USA Today: Concerns arise over regional airlines

    The NTSB has been pissing and moaning about fatigue for years, since about 1990 in fact when they added it to the "most wanted improvements" list. The NTSB ain't going to get this done. The airlines whine that without the flexibility to work the living daylights out of their crews they can't...
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    Skywest says no to Northwest and American

    Well if you say so..... Yeh that's not true - nobody wants to own the asset, the legacy only wants to own the asset because it gives them a measure of control. If SkyWest could not own the asset but get paid to operate it they'd jump at the chance. If such a deal was EVER on the table (and...
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    135.267 question

    Now you're just arguing for arguing's sake. It is not relevant to what is legal under the Part 135 regulations. It's just a caveat regulation "this is legal to do UNLESS you would be careless and reckless in your operation" but it has no direct bearing on what is legal or illegal under Part 135...
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    135.267 question

    You're trying to compare apples and tennis balls. 91.13 ALWAYS applies whether you have been on duty 10 minutes or 48 hours - there's nothing magic about 14 hours that makes actions taken with 13:59 of duty not careless and reckless and actions taken with 14:01 of duty as being careless and...
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    135.267 question

    This is where we fundamentally disagree, and since I can see no basis in the regulation for this and there is no history with respect to the FAA taking this point of view we're never going to agree. There is no such thing as a "Part 91 certificate" and we just disagree that a Part 135...
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    135.267 question

    A Part 91 flight is a Part 91 flight. It can be "assigned" at the end of a Part 135 day and is not affected by any previous Part 135 flying. Again - you're trying to say that a Part 91 flight, assigned by the company, is subject to Part 135 flight time regulations - and every reference you've...
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    135.267 question

    A plethora of interpretations, thank you. In your original post you stated: "If you've already put in your 14 hours and you have a reposition flight, you can do it if you volunteer...if you want to do it, fine. The company can't ask or assign you to do it. This is a key issue." This is...
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    135.267 question

    The rest of the post was good, but this is not correct. Duty and the duty day don't exist. The issue is when accepting a Part 135 leg can you look back over the appropriate periods and find the required rest. Anytime you are working for the company, flying, cleaning toilets, doing paperwork...
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    135.267 question

    What you wrote was very clear - all wrong, but very clear.
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    Stupidity of Mesa

    You've got to have sympathy for Mesa management, they can't get no love anywhere. Now they're PAYING people to sit around and do NOTHING - a job I have always DREAMED of having - but still they get flak......
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    JO buys mesa stock as predicted

    JO and just about every other insider - they've been filing Form 4's like they were confetti.
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    ATL Clearance Delivery???

    You mean like the departure procedures tell us to?
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    ERJ Limits

    OK then, it's slower than an ERJ, or at least thats what the ERJ guys keep telling me :-)
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    Serious question about GoJets

    I'm guessing, but the majority of pilots at GoJets are not union busting sellouts. They joined a company that had a union in place and a contract - how are we supposed to treat them?
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    Schedule bid question

    Unlikely, remember the company has a certain amount of sunk costs in training and re-training you, benefits etc. For every hour you don't fly they have to have somebody else to fly that hour with their associated sunk cost. For just one person - well the math looks fine, every other pilot...
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    ExpressJet cancels Upgrade classes....

    Nobody knows if branded flying is making money, and unless you're a restricted employee at ExpressJet it's very unlikely you'll ever find out. Now ExpressJet may or may not make claims as to the profitability of branded flying, but they can do that by shifting the proportion of fixed expenses...
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    ERJ Limits

    As a summary - the ERJ is fast but can't take everybody and their bags. The CRJ is slow but it can get everybody and their crap on board. So with no alternate you may well find that the ERJ is still weight limited, I don't think I've ever seen a CRJ weight limited with no alternate (yes, I'm...
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    Serious question about GoJets

    It is not a scab airline, nobody at GoJets crossed a picket line (at least a picket line associated with GoJets). The original GoJets pilots did assist in an attempt to break the union airline TSA which makes them not very nice people in a union sense. Currently GoJets is a union airline...
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    Mesa staffing question

    Nobody really knows. With the exception of the few people who make it their goal to time out (who are being very successful this year) the "time-out" numbers are all rumor. I have yet to meet somebody who is expecting to time-out this year, although doubtless there are a few. Remember - last...