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  1. Metro752

    Lufthansa Pilots = Miserable Failure

    They just relieved scope from 70 seats to 95, and accepted a pay cut. Be sure to thank them!
  2. Metro752

    Trans States DO in Hot Water See here I sort of feel bad for the guy because how many people have done this, and nothing came of it? Hundreds at the least I would guess.
  3. Metro752

    Meet me in the hotel lobby

    In 25 minutes, ok? All of you. BTW, I haven't been getting my company emails from ourASA? Some glitch with the new stuff? Did I opt out accidentally?
  4. Metro752

    Mesa Exits Bankruptcy

    They have pulled through again.
  5. Metro752

    Qualified in 6 Citation variants, SINGLE PILOT - Anyone know?

    Does anyone know how I can get in touch with someone who is qualified in six(6) Citation variants as a single pilot? Let me know,
  6. Metro752

    ASA & the PBS Debacle.

    I just think this is a terrible thing, especially for the Acey 80, - a certain someone cuz he thinks it is a good idea for some reason. I don't understand why anyone would want public broadcasting to interfer with the goings and comings of the fluidity at Candler. You know they call it Atlantic...
  7. Metro752

    ASA / Skywest / ExpressJet

    I heard they are all standing by to cover for Mesa on February 12/13 when Mesa runs out of cash to operate...
  8. Metro752

    PSA Recalls?

    Saw a thread, wanted to know if anyone has any information on PSA Recalls in 2010? Thanks,
  9. Metro752

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Here is to better everything! :beer: MESA SUCKS
  10. Metro752

    ******************************bags say

    I love mesa
  11. Metro752

    Airways going to drop Republic - Mayyyybe?

    So this is what I hear... Whisky, Piedmonster, and Brownstreak are going to get HUGE. Maybe. My source is in FENIX. Like it or lump it.
  12. Metro752

    ASA is getting new paintjobs?

    So I hear you guys are going to paint your planes the same as the one company in that Southwest commercial you see during football games that the Southwest rampers are shaking their fists at? If your management team is smart they will only paint the bare necessities. Nobody sees under the wing...
  13. Metro752

    Since 9/10 2008...

    Well since September 10th, 2008 a particular phrase has been written on over five hundred times. Yes, 500 times, and only since 2008. I don't know how to search the entire forum past 500 search results. Anyhow, without any more delay the phrase that has been written over 500...
  14. Metro752

    Love Stinks

    Yeah yeah.......
  15. Metro752

    GoJets orders 50 CRJ-900 Aircraft for United.

    Yep, and I am Chuck Berry.
  16. Metro752

    Strike still on, possible t/a reached! *amerijet*

    News you can abuse!
  17. Metro752

    Happy Labor Day EVERYBODY! Especially you furloughed suckers!

    Please take some time out of your dull, boring, and useless lives to watch this public service announcement. Hopefully by the end of the video you will agree with the creator of this short film. Thanks, and enjoy the show!
  18. Metro752

    USX Pirates, Senor Doug in Charrrrotte

    The pilot session will run from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. EDT. TODAY, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27TH Parker will host Crew News at the T Flight Training Center, room 162/164.
  19. Metro752

    Senor Parker in CLT

    The pilot session will run from 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. EDT. TODAY, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27TH Parker will host Crew News at the T Flight Training Center, room 162/164.
  20. Metro752

    Another ALL ATPS Floozey!

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