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    Airways/Cactus Hnl,ogg,koa service

    US Airways - America West Merger Bankruptcy Court Filing with new Hawaii service, which will include LAX-HNL, SAN-HNL, PHX-LIH, PHX-HNL, PHX-OGG, and PHX-KOA service)
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    awa(cactus) pbt link?

    Aloha Anyone have the link for the AWA pass boarding totals (pbt)? thanks
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    new cactus pay rates?

    Based on the new contract what will be the estimated payscales: First yr fo Second yr fo ... Fifth yr fo Fifth yr cpt Sixth yr cpt .... TOS Happy New Year All
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    netjets pilot contract ..2 yrs & nada!

    Message to the teamsters and the mec....WAKE UP or be recalled! Two years and counting..stop wasting our timne and money...Your days are probably numbered!
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    AWA pay scale FO and cpt?

    Hello: Does anyone have the payscales for FOs and cpts? Thanks
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    US Airways and UAL combination disc.

    Over the last six months I ve read numerous articles from the clt papers and wsj quoting D Bronner of the RSA who now owns 37% of US Airways. He keeps mentioning that he would like to acquire some ual assets and employees for the following reasons: 1. give ual cash to emerge from bk 2. help ual...
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    Skywest sen resignation and upgrad time?

    Does Skywest still require sen resignation and have people really had to do it? Secondly: how long is the emb and jet upgrade timeline? thanks
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    Skywest sen resignation?

    question for furloughed major pilots who have gone to Skywest: Have any of you had to resign after going to Skywest? second: how long has the upgrade been?
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    Obtaining a Alaska int. from AirInc Conf

    Has anyone received an Alaska Airlines interview (without a Ref or silver bullet) by attending an Air Inc Seminar?
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    Fed ex window closed?

    Just went to the web site and it wouldnt let me creat a profile. Is the window closed or am I going to wrong link. Lastly the quals listed don't neccessarily call for 1000 PIC turbine if you posses 1500 PIC or do they? thanks
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    EJA Uprgrade time in the X?

    EJ pilots, what is the upgrade time in the X? Thanks
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    EJA Upgrade question

    Just got a call for a Citation X school in April or the VII in March. Took the X. Question: Is the upgrade now going to be longer into the X than the VII becasue I am seat locked? Or does upgrade work on seniority? Looking forward to working again!
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    EJ and seniority resignation

    Have any of the latest new hires been asked to resign seniority with EJ? It wasn't brought up at the interview only the two year contract. Seems to be an excellent company to make a successful career with! Good Luck to all.