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  1. SpeedBird

    C-130J Pilots & Loadmasters Wanted

    I have been contacted by a US aircrew headhunter who is seeking current & qualified C-130J pilots and loadmaster for a two-year overseas assignment in the UAE. The assignment compensation and benefits terms are currently being finalized with UAE client, but the following information is...
  2. SpeedBird

    Looking For GV Pilots

    I am consulting for a defense contractor that has just been awarded a new contract with the USAF to operate a Gulfstream owned test aircraft (GV) for a two year period. Initially there will not be a lot of flying, so the company is considering the use of contractors on a part-time basis. Pay...
  3. SpeedBird

    Evergreen For Sale

    I've heard a good rumor that Del Smith is in the process of selling his company to a group of outside investors. The deal is supposed to close at the end of this month with Del sticking around to lead the transition for at least another year.
  4. SpeedBird

    HPA B737 Manual For Sale

    I have a two-volume set B737-200 manual I ordered from HPA back in 2001 but never used. They have been setting on my bookshelf and I don't expect to ever use them since I'm flying A320s. If anyone out there is interested in acquiring this manual set please PM with your price and I'll close a...
  5. SpeedBird

    Tanker Deal Gone Bust

    While most folks who read the newspaper have already heard about the Boeing KC-767 lease deal being killed, the attached article reveals that there is a possibility that the contract to buy a tanker replacement could be opened up to Airbus (and anyone else) to compete for the bid. This should...
  6. SpeedBird

    More Good News: Defined-Benefit Plans

    Anyone who still works for an airline with a DB pension plan needs to read this Business Week link...the hits just keep on coming!
  7. SpeedBird

    Where there's smoke there's fire

    I stumbled across this article about Southeast airlines and figured it made worthwhile reading for the at-large pilot community. I would very seriously doubt ever applying to this outfit if the stories in this article are borne out to be true in court and via FAA review...
  8. SpeedBird

    Leo Mullin Announces Retirement

    It looks as if Mr. Mullin is passing the reins over to someone else starting on Jan, 1 2004. Here's the PR that provides the details. I'm sure the Delta insiders will add additional commentary to this move. Delta CEO To Retire
  9. SpeedBird

    JBLU Pilot Hiring Trends

    I just finished listening to the JBLU Q2 CC. In the Q&A wrap-up, one of the analysts asked DN how the company went about selecting its pilots. He (DN) said that JBLU hires roughly 1/3 military, 1/3 furloughed/commercial, and 1/3 corporate. According to DN, the airline likes this mix for the...
  10. SpeedBird

    Intruder One

    Moved to "Low Fare Revolution..."