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    Does anybody know what M1/d gives you in a jet?
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    First Year Pay at Pinnacle

    Does anybody know what first year FO hourly rates are? What about per diem? Also does anybody know what the critical AOA of a CRJ is? Thanks in advance
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    Pinnacle ?

    Hey gang, Sent my stuff to pinnacle about a week ago and no call. Does anybody know how long it takes?...Should I try mailing it? thanks
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    Airport Elevation

    Hey gang, I recently had this question come up on an interview and I can't believe it kinda stumped me. Anybody know where to find airport elevation on the Jepp Airport Diagram page? Thanks in advance, stupid
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    Visual Profile

    Hey Guys/Gals...I am new to a jet and have been on the line for about five months now and I have a question for you all. If you get cleared for a visual (base leg and close in to the marker) and you are high and not fully configured is it best to continue down the visual slope with thrust at...
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    Air Classic Cargo/DHL question

    Does anybody know anything about Air Classic Cargo Beech 18's. I have seen them in Fort Myers and someone told me they were operated by DHL. Can anybody confirm this...does anybody have any information about their hiring mins and so forth. Any info would be greatly appreciated regards JD
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    Just wanted to chime in...I love to sit back and watch all of these lively debates... To me it seems that the animosity between Regionals and Majors, and between "low end commuters" and regionals is exactly what management wants. Squabbling and bickering about who is scr%$ing who is just a...
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    1973 A150L Aerobat

    TTAF 4478, 0 SMOH, King KX 170B, Cessna 300 Transponder. Excellent Paint and interior. One of the nicest aerobats corrosion. Fly away 32K email: Jon at
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    Training Q

    I wonder if anybody out there has an opinion about what I should do? I want to fly the jungle jet CHQ or Eagle. I have about 600 tt and 120 Multi. I don't see the point in getting a CFI because I have a good paying job working ground ops for United....yes...United. It keeps me pretty much...