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  1. pilot141

    What do you eat on the road?

    I know I'm going to be the spoilsport here, but here it goes: Eat whatever the hell you want, but use the dang fitness center in the hotel! Kung-Pao shrimp at PF Changs, a steak at the Outback or a big-ass Quizno's sub can all be fixed by a trip to the gym. Bonus: you feel good and have more...
  2. pilot141

    Balad D-> San Antonio

    How about some coast-out and then "Due Regard" action? Or at least after the last tanker hookup. In any case, they did good. But I expect that any crew who came up in the rotation would have done the same thing. The real story is not the people on the crew, but the overall system. Would...
  3. pilot141

    FedEx 757 GSO based???

    The once a year LCA meetings. This one was a combined LCA/Flex meeting. A great source of rumors! But the word on the 757s going to Europe and a pilot domicile opening (instead of a SIBA bid) were mentioned by everyone who spoke on the subject, so it looks like it's going to happen. Not to...
  4. pilot141

    FedEx 757 GSO based???

    From what was said at the meetings - European domicile first, then Memphis. I think I heard Early '08 for the Europe operation to get started and no 757s in Memfo until maybe Jan 09.
  5. pilot141

    We Know Why You Fly!

    Well, the airport closed while many of these airplanes were already airborne. Are you saying that if DFW (or any airport) closes, individual pilots should decide if they want to attempt an approach anyway? I think if you really have flown the 737 you would know what a controller's job was, and...
  6. pilot141

    Fox News and age 60

    Wow...since our profession is changing I guess we should accept a blatant money-grab by the older guys? Retiring at age 60 has been one of the few CONSTANTS in this profession. It's one of the reasons I got into it in the first place! To change it now alters the entire underpinnings of the...
  7. pilot141

    Fox News and age 60 get outrage you have to have pissed off constituents. Since the controllers are looking at a federal pension when they hit 55 I don't expect to see them pissed off. A government (especially federal) pension is the closest thing to untouchable we have in the US. Would YOU bitch about a...
  8. pilot141

    Medical Exam. In Dallas or Fort Worth recs for MR FAA Physical Doc Krass.
  9. pilot141

    APAAD regrouping to challenge age 60

    OK....let me try to understand this.... Some SWA guys are saying "See how lousy the upgrades are at the legacies? Vote for Age 65!". How exactly will this help the legacies? He (or someone) then says "We hire a lot of retired military guys! They ALL want to fly to Age 65!" Or did I miss...
  10. pilot141

    US/DL Merger Rumors Merely Slight of Hand???

    I don't have a dog in this bait-and-switch Lorenzo fight. The OP asked about running up the stock price of US Air and I stated that the financing is coming from Citibank, not the equity of the stock. Check the post times - I was posting to the OP, not you.
  11. pilot141

    US/DL Merger Rumors Merely Slight of Hand???

    Considering that USAir already has the billions of dollars in financing lined up from They didn't SLIGHT anyone with their SLEIGHT of hand.
  12. pilot141

    On the job as an airline pilot

    I just came in here to tell no1pilot2000 to ignore the village idiot. FN FAL is on my ignore list, and all I see on this thread is blocked posts by FN FAL and some responses by Fins UP who is actually trying to give some useful info. Believe it or not this website used to be, and still might...
  13. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    Yeah, ASRS specifically precludes accidents and criminal prosecution. But the regs also stipulate the FAA must investigate an accident with the intent of increasing safety, and that if you file an ASRS report that is indicitave of a "constructive attitude". I was trying to make a larger point...
  14. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    User CP Ignore list FN FAL Ahhhh...much better. I think the IQ of this discussion just went up about 20 points.
  15. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    Well if you actually let the criminal lagal system have a go at aviation then you will end up with nothing being an "accident". And as I pointed out before (with an attempt at humor and sarcasm that went over ONE person's head), it won't change a damn thing as far as pilots/controllers go...
  16. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    The FO is a furloughed AA guy with a lot of jet experience.
  17. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    Yep, that's the one. Heck, the Air Force figured this out years ago. The Safety Investigation Board (SIB) has no punitive power and you must talk to them. The Accident Investigation Board (AIB) is separate, and does have punitive power. Before you talk to the AIB you lawyer up and shut your...
  18. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    What it comes down to is FN FAL being an internet a$$. He came into the thread at post #39 on page three, and quickly derailed the thread into hair-splitting semantics. Add to that the fact that he must absolutely, positively have the last word and you have 4 pages of nonsense unrelated to the...
  19. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    Wow. That's even sadder that I thought it could ever be. I'd rather you be a pimply 15-year old, because if you actually had anything to do with the Thud many years ago then it means that you are spending your retirement days on a stupid messageboard. I come here when I'm bored on trip...
  20. pilot141

    Pilots detained in Brazil

    While you're at the dealer, have that "logic" chip replaced as well. It seems to be malfunctioning. Also have them check out the "comprehension" chip. handlesaregay never said anyone "darted out" in front of him. Your argument, while followed up by a cut-and-paste of some legalese, is as...