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    SWA TA Passes

    “Regional aircraft” shall be defined as jet aircraft (aircraft utilizing a turbine-driven engine without an external propeller) certificated for eighty-six (86) seats or fewer and a maximum permitted gross takeoff weight of less than eighty-five thousand (85,000) pounds or turboprop aircraft...
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    FDX non-rev on SWA

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    Swa Pool 2

    I suppose after monitoring this thread for some time I might as well throw my name in the hat too. I am one of the 6/17/07 poolies (MLG originally added me as such) with a 5/28/08 class date. Looking forward to seeing/meeting everyone in class. :beer: Name-----------------Pool Date-----Class...
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    Need Help Fast! Exporting Logbook Pro for Printing

    Something else to consider... looks a lil better, and still on the cheap would be a business check ledger such as this ;) 2
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    divorce corner

    For those having difficulty or perhaps just wanting to strengthen their relationship, this is a fantastic book from a completely different perspective than the typical counseling mumbo jumbo. 5/5 stars from 85+ people on amazon... kinda hard to beat for $10. 2
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    135 Rest Requirements

    Yes and no. Perhaps I've misread what has been talked about but you can exceed the 10hrs so long as it is 91.. as in a repo leg / tail end ferry at the END. For instance. Repo somewhere to pick up a trip, it is 91 but is included in the 10hrs and as others have stated you can not exceed that...
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    QOL for a 135 is pretty good. We transitioned to a 6 and 4 schedule last fall and as far as I know everyone is loving it, myself included. I have yet to work a full 6 day rotation (came close at 5 once) but for the most part I’m home an extra couple of days each rotation. That being said, it...
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    Edmonton, Alberta

    Stayed here a couple years ago. Near the airport and not in town per say, but definitely a decent place and would stay there again versus attempting something unknown. The FBO set it up for us (think they had a rate), believe it was AeroShell, might be worth calling and asking if they have any...
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    Vancouver BC

    Well... where to begin. I've got an arms length worth of stuff and rightly so as I grew up there. Great advice on staying downtown if you're there for a few days. The beaver is a must, but watch the frosty beverages, Vancouver and BC in general are militant when it comes to drinking and...
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    Kenn Borek Air

    Wow, been a few years since I've heard that name. Sorry I don't have more info but I know they used to (and possibly still d0) have an operation in the Maldives
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    VLJ Chief pilot pay

    A few years ago someone in the area told me there was a church in Miami with a Global... geesh
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    Prep for the ATP Written

    Here's your answer... Certainly beats shelling out many more dollars elsewhere... not too mention you can work on it on your schedule, be it at home or on the road.
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    LR55 vs LR60

    Thanks for the replys. 2
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    LR55 vs LR60

    For those with experience in both.... Any chance you could break down the differences besides the obvious (engine, avionics, cabin length) Have time in the 60. Know someone who is considering both and I couldn't answer any of his questions in regards to LR55 performance, payload, range, fuel...
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    Pilots' "Screwup" Flow Chart

    Here's a more legible version of the GPWS chart... link
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    anybody been to belize?

    Ditto the Rudy comment... If you really want to get in his good graces, take a small bag filled with minis (bourbon, whiskey and the like) ;)
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    Delta Airelite

    For the most part, yes. We do manage and crew one CVG based aircraft (and I'm sure we could do more if requested), but every other aircraft (that I know of) on certificate is crewed by the owner of said aircraft.
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    Delta Airelite

    This really depends on which aircraft you're assigned. I'm currently in the Lr-31/35 and we do a lot of out and backs. I'm probably averaging 3-4 overnights a month which leaves plenty of nights to spend at home in my own bed. The LR60 and 604 are on the road quite a bit more. Spent last yr in...
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    Delta Airelite

    At the moment, CVG is the only base.
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    Delta Airelite

    A few facts: As a previous poster mentioned, yes Delta AirElite crews do exist. We're kinda like ghosts tho ;) Basically a 135 operator; however, in addition to straight charter, we also offer a fleetmembership program. Essentially selling blocks of time, with certain guarantees on...