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  1. DogBoy

    Focus Air?

    I was just curious about Focus Air? They look like a relatively new company.
  2. DogBoy

    World Questions

    It looks like World is a pretty sweet place to work. I see that you do both passengers and freight. Do you fly pax and freight in both the DC-10 and MD-11? Do most of your pilots fly both pax and freight, or is there a passenger side and freight side? What is the hiring outlook for the next 6...
  3. DogBoy

    Upgrade times

    I was interested in hearing from anybody who has recently upgraded at a regional carrier about the amount of time that it took for them to upgrade
  4. DogBoy

    Any new hires at Empire?

    I was just wondering if anyone had recently gotten on or interviewed with Empire. What kind of qualifications are they looking for in people that they call for interviews?