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    Celebrities in FBOs

    Saw Nolan Ryan in GTU, very cool guy. Also saw Rodney Carrington at the FBO in ABI. Man, that guy was funny!
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    newbie here

    Bbq Cooper's my friend...truly awesome. Mueller's in Taylor, TX is a VERY close second. Say, Is anyone smoking their Turkey this Thanksgiving?? If so, throw some secrets on here!
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    Best pilot cars

    West Texas Pilot-mobile.... Me: 2003 GMC 4 door, 4X4 long bed 2500HD Duramax. With the Ranch Hand front replacement bumper. Don't laugh! It does the job on the farm when I'm not in the air! Her: 2001 Z-71 Tahoe. She needs it because when we go somewhere, Women don't really...well..."travel...
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    Question about BE-350

    Thanks for the responses everyone! Insurance co. says they prefer a co-pilot, but with over 2500hrs in the King Air family they are not that stringent. We'll see what they say when we get the quote back. Right now, it's mostly in the "talk" stage anyway. After talking to a few of the guys on the...
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    Question about BE-350

    Hey folks! I've got a few questions for anyone who's got some time in the 350. One of the groups I fly for is wanting to get rid of the -200 and uprade to a 350. They asked my opinion on the subject. There aren't too many 350 operators on the field, so I thought I'd try here. How is it compared...
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    I fly passenger jets. I live off of condiments.

    I think the tamale man that comes around here selling his stuff may already have that market cornered.....
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    Nicotine testing????

    What are they looking for? Is it to keep somkers out, or all tobacco? I know quite a few pilots that enjoy the occasional smokeless tobacco treat. Is that becoming a no-no too?
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    How do you like your job? Would you do it again

    Do you still love to fly? Sounds corny, but alot of times it still feels like the first time every time I rotate...So, yes I LOVE it! Do you hate your job? Not one bit. Hated selling insurance to pay for college and flight training though! How much are you away from home? Varies greatly, but...
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    Hello, new here

    San Antonio BBQ Hey Hawkerguy! Welcome to the board! I know you said you were going to be in San Antonio tonight. Rudy's BBQ is a pretty good place. I think there are 2 of them in San Antonio. It good BBQ, great atmosphere, and probably the best that I have found when I've...
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    BB-CUE!!! Can't believe noone's piped up with a reference to Cooper's in Llano, TX or Louie Mueller's in Taylor, TX!! Some of the best!!! Gotta say, I agree 110% with the folks that give it to Joe Allen's in ABI--That's pretty hard to beat too, but check out the BBQ in the Texas Hill Country if...
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    SWA....What are my chances???

    Great Replies!!! What a good response!! Thanks to everyone!! It's definately a tough call!! Tough it out and finish the degree, go on to the jet, etc.... Or just take the risk and apply. It seems like there are so many variables! I DEFINATELY do NOT want to have to wait an additional 2 years...
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    SWA....What are my chances???

    Thanks! Thanks for the responses!! Keep 'em coming!! As for finishing up the degree, I would be able to through the college I attended via web courses. I could only take one course a semester that way, since all 3 courses are not offered simultaneously. The web class schedule is not yet as...
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    SWA....What are my chances???

    Hey Everyone in the know at SWA!!! I have a question. I was just wondering what the chances are for a guy like me to get an interview at Southwest!!! I am sure that I am like many guys who have grown up in Texas, always wanting to fly for Southwest. I was just wondering if I would even get...
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    I think that Lajitas resort has some aircraft they use to fly guests from wherever they are to the resort. They are based in Austin I believe. Citations I think too. I really don't know much about them, just that they are there. Maybe someone else knows more?? Hope this helps...
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    Hmmmmm I need to check those Ariat Cobalts out. I have a pair of Ariats that I use on the ranch, and they are by far the most comfortable, durable boots I have ever owned. If the cobalts are anything like their other boots, they are worth every penny. Cavenders here in LBB does not have them...
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    Where do you live?

    Home is really a tiny town in North Central, TX that noone will have heard of, but I currently live outside of Lubbock Texas!!! In the windy flatlands!!! I LOVE It TOO. Makes the flying interesting.....keeps ya sharp!!!!
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    What is the best aviation movie?

    Movies I dunno if it applies, since the first half is aviation, the rest is space, but I like "The Right Stuff"
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    Alpine Air....Opinions?

    Thanks Sky King!!! As I have stated in previous posts, I stand by Cooper's BBQ in both Mason, and Llano TX. BigD can back me up on this. It's the best d@mn BBQ I've ever had. For those unfamiliar with Texas, Mason and Llano TX are both west of Austin. Definately worth the trip. You won't regret...
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    Alpine Air....Opinions?

    WOW!!! Talk about digging up some old bones!!! I originally posted this in Jan. of 2002!!! Nearly 2 years ago!! How long do these things stay on here?? I obviously did not go for that scam of SIC time logging. It looked good, following 9-11 when insurance co.'s were jacking up premiums on twins...
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    Flying in Texas

    LBB Don't forget about the wind. Gets pretty gusty as it blows across the flatlands around LBB. WSW 35G45+ are not uncommon...even during the nighttime! Everything else is right on, especially the female scenery. Sometimes there can be quite a bit of military training going on at LBB, lots of...