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    Cheap Pilot needs Sectional

    Sectionals Go to then to Aeronautical charts. They will give you a choice between sectionals and wacs. J.
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    Newest ATP pilot

    I envy you! Congrats my friend, congrats. How was the ride anyway? Pretty tough? Yeah the examiner is right. You can time an ILS if you want, but it may cause more trouble than its worth, so you don't have to at all. The FAF for an ILS is GS intercept. The lightning bolt. The FAF for the...
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    CFI Maneuvers

    My question pertains to the maneuvers that are on the CFI Practical test, the checkride. Specifically spins. I have heard a couple of things. I heard that you have to do spins on the ride itself and roll out on a specific heading? I have also heard that Spins on the checkride are not...
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    PAR Approaches!!!!!

    PARS If you are in the heartland, you are always welcome to try Fort Campbell Kentucky. Campbell is a AAF. They are happy to issue PARS. The will no longer allow you to fly the aircraft over the threshold. The Designator at Campbell is KHOP and you can contact Campbell Approach on 118.1...
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    Cessna 414/421 New Job Help

    Climb Rates The climb rates on both 421's and 414 is not real great. With twin one would expect the climb rate to be good. well you can write that off with a 421. Not going to happen. However a 421 is faster then a 414 for sure. When you taxi you may need to ride the brakes. The engines are...
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    Whatcha readin'?

    THE RIGHT STUFF! Folks folks folks!!!!!! You all forgot to mention to this guy about "The Right Stuff" by Tom Wolfe. Thats a classic! I highly recommend Wolfgang Langewiesche's, Stick and Rudder . This book will give you headache if you read to much at one time. Very very technical stuff...
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    Safety Pilot

    Yeah Yeah JoeC, You can most certainly fly with a saftey pilot for most of your training. 15 hours of which have to be with CFII, and you have to do your big crosscountry with your II if its going to be IMC or on and IFR flight plan. My CFII required me to file IFR for my long Instrument...
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    Lasik Well I am committed, and motivated. However my eye sight without my contacts is not real great! Infact its not good. However, I have eye exams every 6th months to keep it tweeked. I just had one last week and my optomitrist said that I should be able to have lasik next your or the year...
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    I am currently looking into going to school at the University of North Dakota. I hear that they are now the number 1 Aerospace school in the U.S.. However that just what I heard and I am sure thats debatable withe the Riddle folks. Has anyone gone to UND? If so can you give me some idea what...
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    I am currently looking into going to school at the University of North Dakota. I hear that they are now the number 1 Aerospace school in the U.S.. However that just what I heard and I am sure thats debatable withe the Riddle folks. Has anyone gone to UND? If so can you give me some idea what...
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    Requirements to get to fly Corporate

    Riddle I'm a big fan of Riddle! I was planning on going to the Prescott campus. I even went out and looked at it. Man I just couldn't handle that. I come from Western Kentucky where it is humid. My skin was flaking off out there and my lips were black in places! Plus it was a major culture...
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    For Tim47SIP

    Hey Tim, I was reading your ratings. What pocessed you to get all the Rotorwing ratings? I don't mean that question in a harsh way. I personally think its awesome! I think helicopters are interesting as well. Do you do much helicopter flying these days? Are you an Airline pilot? I am just...
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    Lifeguard=no priority anymore?

    I was talking to..... A B200 pilot from louisville. He said there is sooooo much lifeguard traffic around louisville they have on occasion had to just go all out declare and emergency. Pretty sad really. This group specializes is airlift of premature babies. John
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    aggipilot is right Just as precaution I have regularly scheduled eye exams with my optomitrist every 6 months rather than every year. I have one today as a matter of fact. However I think your buddy will be just fine. The disease is very treatable if you catch it early, and it sounds very much...
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    Aussies lauch scram-jet

    Groom/Nellis Who knows what they are doing out there. There are no aliens I can tell you that! But the aircraft they may be designing may impress us all one day. The reason I feel that they are designing something fantastic out there is the trouble they go to keep the place secretive. They have...
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    Timing is everything... Well not really.

    missed Declaring missed and flying missed. Yeah that can be confusing. Breaking off on 3 mile final could be a problem as one poster stated. There are towers out there. Not to mention, when you are on the ILS runway 20C or 2C approaches at Nashville BNA, you could hit another aircraft if you...
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    Timing is everything... Well not really.

    ohhh ok ahhh ok, Sorry I didn't realize it was strictly an airline question. I just thought it was a regular ILS question. My wording was a bit sketchy there. When I meant "Difference between a landing and a missed to the alternate". I was just reffering to the minimum altitude, and visibilty...
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    Timing is everything... Well not really.

    I guess I ment to reply to.... I meant to reply to the ILS timing question. Sorry for the new post folks. JH
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    Timing is everything... Well not really.

    ILS approaches are timed approaches. Timing should be done as you cross the FAF inbound on the approach. However if all is well on the approach timing shouldn’t play a big factor. An ILS approach can be completed with a dysfunctional glide slope. LOC minimums are published for the approaches in...
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    Cessna F406 Caravan II

    It looks like a..... It looks like a mutant Cessna 441 crossed with a PA 31. Its tail is in a different location then the conquest. They both have conventional tails, however the conquest's tail is lower on the airframe. Interesting. John