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    William "Billy" Crooker Godspeed on your flight west my friend!!
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    Anybody here old enough to remember what happened when ALPO got involved in United's attempt to purchase/ merge with the Original Frontier many moons ago???
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    Heroic Pilots

    :beer: Why isn't this pilot being hailed as a hero?? With reasonable time on both types I suspect this 402 capt had a much longer row to hoe...
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    Skycatcher oopsy? doesnt sound encouraging:erm:
  5. G this for real??!

    USAPA: US Airways to ‘discipline’ captains over fuel costs Lisa Treon 7/15/2008 US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) President Stephen Bradford, on behalf of the union, has released a memorandum to the US Airways pilots which advised them of management’s decision to initiate what the pilots...
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    Is AA still recalling

    Is American still recalling??
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    No TCAS for the Eclipse!!?

    According to the Flight Global story, EASA has a laundry list of deficiencies it wants addressed on the Eclipse 500, even though the FAA is allowing the aircraft to fly in commercial service in the U.S. Among the issues are the lack of certification for flight into known icing. The Avio NG...
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    Gulf Air "about gulfair", subtitle "sites", careers option, use "search for vacancies scroll down to A320/767 f.o. option...