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  1. JayhawkDude

    More SWA bashing

    So is she hot?
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    SWA drops other shoe?

    <Sigh> None of this would have happened if we had just bought those Embraers when Lowecur told us to a couple of years back...
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    Gary Kelly announces the next SWA city is...

    SFO Southwest today announced our intent to resume service at San Francisco International Airport. While we have not released specific service details or a timeline, we are currently in discussions with the Airport, and we aim to return to the West Bay in a meaningful way in the early fall...
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    F D X v. S W A

    Come on guys! Enough of this SWA FedEx stuff! I thought we were finally getting somewhere when it devolved into a military vs. civilian thread! Let's get back to that!! YAY!!!! <sarcasm off>
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    Boeing-Unidentified buyers order 47 Jets

    That's what I was thinking over at SWA...
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    SWA commute from Denver

    Don't hate the player Don't listen to them, man. Before SWA started Denver service, we had a ton of guys living in CO (surprise!) Most commute to MDW for the reasons you mentioned. Seniority is great, crashpad situation is great, and the options (Ted, Frontier, and now the home team) are...
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    Why Fares Remain Low...ABC News article

    Based on what?
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    UAL Pilots -- pre Chap 11 to post 11 -- Total Paycut

    Honest Question I understand pay rates are down approx. 41% from their highs. I 'm curious to know what was the last pay raise before the #*&^! hit the fan? I'm asking someone to compare now with the pre-2000(?) contract pay rates? Also, has there been an increase in the monthly guarantee...
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    swa question

    Wrong question You can't really look at it from a perspective of "how many months?" You need to ask "how many classes?" The reality is only a few lucky (old, i.e. more senior within the class) folks are lucky to skip reserve altogether. That's due to the fact there may be 2 or even 3 classes...
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    Southwest off the runway at MDW

    Plane Overshoots Runway, Lands On Busy Road (CBS) CHICAGO CBS 2 has learned a plane has slid off the runway at Midway Airport and onto Central Ave. Southwest Flight 1248 from Baltimore reportedly overshot the runway and crashed through a metal fence at 55th and Central, ending up in the...
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    Southwest off the runway at MDW

    Plane Slides Off Runway At Midway Airport (CBS) CHICAGO CBS 2 has learned a plane has slid off the runway at Midway Airport and onto Central Ave. It reportedly went through a field and through a wall. Reports indicate part of the plane may be on Central Ave. The plane is being evacuated...
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    SWA New Work Rules?

    Like ivuair said, please go to the pprune (or better yet SWAPA boards) to vent.
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    Frontier or JetBlue?

    Don't pick Two years from now, it'll be the same thing- FrontierBlue, anyone? (I don't know, but anything's possible...)
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    SWA pilots email

    We have company email?
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    All she needs is money. . . .

    And Airbus is paying for MX on the 737s.
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    Best Bet

    Or a bankruptcy lawyer!
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    SWA interview prep

    Hey! Who's posting INTERVIEW threads on an INTERVIEW board?!? Shocking! Why I oughtta... Good luck, though...really.
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    SWA...Now for some good news.

    Wish ATA wasn't pulling out.... NWA already adjusting Minneapolis fares following ATA cutbacks: That's according to airfare expert Terry Trippler of He reports that Northwest had already boosted fares on Minneapolis-Chicago flights, one of the routes bankrupt low-cost carrier...
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    SWA proposal for operation at King County

    Another fly in the ointment- Airlines consider moving closer to downtown Seattle By TREBOR BANSTETTER Star-Telegram Staff Writer In a move reminiscent of the battle over the Wright Amendment, American Airlines executives say they might move their Seattle operation to Boeing Field if...
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    4 refineries out of commission for weeks to months

    Any insurance *ahem* professionals here? Insurers drop again on concern Katrina losses will grow By Alistair Barr Last Updated: 8/31/2005 4:08:07 PM SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Insurance stocks fell for a third day Wednesday on concern that industry losses from Hurricane Katrina could...