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  1. sayagain?

    Win for Jetblue pilots

    Give me a break!
  2. sayagain?

    JetBlue class dates

    They are trying to get the CA upgrades assigned OE first. Most recent upgrades are going out for OE in one week after training. The company gives you a min of four days off. I would assume that the FO's will take another week before being assigned. Of course, this is all subject to change everyweek.
  3. sayagain?

    JetBlue Jumpseat

    And whaetver you do, try to get the attention of the working crew. The gate agents are under pressure to get the flights out on-time and may deny checking a jumpseater.
  4. sayagain?

    Nice B6 history lesson

    OK...must have been your brother.
  5. sayagain?

    JetBlue class dates

    Looks like the next few class dates are 7/27, 8/10 and 8/24. Class sizes look like 5,11 and 12. All subject to change.
  6. sayagain?

    New bid at CAL

    BS on this site? Come on...really?:p
  7. sayagain?

    JBLU Management Answers Back

    JB is hiring these pilots from the regionals and the new hires are happy as $hit! For most, is a step up for them. They seem to be content with what they currently have and don't want to cause any waves with the union vote. Well, work here for a few years and you'll change your mind. Look long...
  8. sayagain?

    JBLU Management Answers Back of the "Horrible 100"'s all about you...
  9. sayagain?

    JBLU Management Answers Back

    And this is why JB hired jokers like $$$4nothin.
  10. sayagain?

    Jet Blue Pilots Files with N.M.B. for ALPA Representation

    and it's all about you....get a life...
  11. sayagain?

    Jet Blue Pilots Files with N.M.B. for ALPA Representation

    Blue Bayou is a BOOB! Probably talks to the good DR. Craine everyday!
  12. sayagain?

    SWA future intl hub-BWI

    what an a$$hole...
  13. sayagain?

    American Eagle jumpseat

    Whatever happened to "old school"?
  14. sayagain?

    jETblue Kid and his skateboard

    You must be a BOB.
  15. sayagain?

    Best Laugh Since The Furlough...

    Had heard that Padre did some jail time.:beer:
  16. sayagain?

    Bullet holes in cockpit

    Why do guys even attempt to reply to an idiot like Crash Pad? He's just trying to get a little bit of attention and you're falling for it. Let him be an a$$ and ignore him.
  17. sayagain?

    Let's hear your best "I Quit" story....

    Just like when the company gives you your furlough notice right before the holidays. When the shoe is on the other foot, do you think that management gives a care?
  18. sayagain?

    Why don't Delta pilots stop the merger?

    Not a good feeling being at the bottom of the sen. list, is it? Good luck.
  19. sayagain?

    Legs per Day - SWA - Just a data point

    You just had to give him a reason to increase his post total! He'll be patting himself on the back when it hits 20000.:laugh:
  20. sayagain?

    F9 or jetBlue

    Do you only go eat at restaurants that have union employees? Do you only buy clothes that are made by union factory workers? What about your home computer? I could go on. I do think that a union is coming to JB but to tell someone to base their decision on coming because they are currently...