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    FDX A300 Jumpseat

    There is usually 4 seats in the back. One sits separately and a row of three. Depending on your height you could lay down on them. Most people pull the cushions off and lay on the floor.
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    YGTBSM - FedEx jumpseating suspended.

    Listened to a conference call from DW during LEC meeting today. Obviously one of our questions was what was driving this. He had talked to JL who said he was blindsided by the news and did not have any news to pass on at this time. When questioned about why business/staging weren't cancelled...
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    Jumpseating to Australia...need info

    Chase, Also check out the visa entry requirements. I seem to recall a bud having problems jumpseating without one. Have fun slowdryver
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    CALLOUTS - AIRBUS – BOEING and other

    A310/300-600 Pm calls " loc * " (loc star) and "GS * " (glideslope star) when the FMA's are displayed on the PFD in the LAND mode. I guess it could vary depending on the respective company's procedures.
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    Jack Lewis E-mail

    I think he is trying to get people to bid accordingly to help sovle some of the staffing needs and all the headaches that come with it. There's going to be a lot of movement in the next few years.
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    Jumpseat on FDX and UPS

    Goose, If remember correctly, the union put out a blurb about jumpseating a month or so ago. I think the CASS system is in place, but management is holding back. Probably as you mentioned, because of negotiations. Enjoy peak. slowdryver
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    Pirep from FedEx

    Paris, Zurich, or where ever; just remember we are in negotiations. Can you say "RETROPAY? Great news on the hiring though. Slowdryver
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    Typical Block hours on Cargo Airline bid line (FDX, UPS, etc.)

    Hub turn time Hose Jimenez, Mas o menos tres horas en el "hub turn". Depends on where you come in from and where you are going to. The business model plays the different time zones; thus (generally) most east coast trips leave earlier compared to west coast. slowdriver
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    Fedex Seat Bid

    Both domestic and international
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    How to become a training pilot?

    Another stepping stone would be to appy at companies that provide type ratings for corporate jets, such as Simuflite, Flight Safety, SimCom, etc. Locations vary throughout the country. Good luck
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    March 15 FedEx class

    Interviewing usually takes place in the old training building. Looks like they were all dressed up for the first day which includes all the picture taking for Id's, meeting the VIP's, etc. Good luck to the poolies.
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    Flying the FK100 - Good, Bad and Ugly...

    I'm going to have to disagree on the airconditioning working well. It might have worked well over in Europe in the summer, but not that great on the ground in the south during the summer. Other than that, it is a great airplane! Fly safe.
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    Any Fedex News?

    I haven't heard anything about classes. Just the usual rumors about which aircraft are going to replace the 72's. Fiscal year ended last month. Maybe some hope of news relatively soon from the bean counters whom seem to get the ball rolling. Hang in there ya'll.
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    Fedex bid

    Each aircraft has its own training program and instructors so there isn't any conflict or delay. slowdryver
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    Fedex bid

    We just got a new posting(bid). Fleet plans: Mar03 B727 - 124, Airbus - 86, Dc10 - 48, MD10 - 24, Md11 - 42 Mar04 B727 - 123, Airbus - 89, DC10 - 41, MD10 - 33, MD11 - 42 Capt slots: 10 ANC MD11, 40 LAX MD11, 58 MEM MD11, 38 MEM A300 FO slots: 40 LAX MD11, 58 MEM MD11 SO slots: 25 MEM...
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    A Little FedEx Info (Very Little)

    Just to add my .02 cents. I just got back from recurrent training and heard a few tidbits from several instructors. A system(eqiupment) bid is coming real soon. No numbers yet and which equipment. Also, we are supposed to take delivery of 1 MD10 every 5 weeks for the next 3 years. Good luck...
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    FedEx Commute

    I haven't checked the schedule recently, but there is a 727 that operates daily out of stewart/newburg. Having said that, there are a few guys that live up in that area making it a little competitive for the two jumpseats. I don't think we operate out of the other cities mentioned . Hope it...
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    FedEx Pool

    There was an article in Professional Pilot a couple of months ago that featured the corporate flight dept. that might have some info that you are looking for. Good luck.
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    FedEx Future hiring

    Just passing the word along from the Systems Chief Pilot. The website for applying has been closed. Not fair to take the money when they know there will not be any more hiring in the near future. Oct. classes have definately been cancelled and the Sep. class postponed. His best guess would be...
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    Who is FedEx' Pilot Recruiter?

    John Ryder or Beverly Daniels