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    First Saudi woman attains aircraft dispatcher license

    First Saudi woman attains aircraft dispatcher license:
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    Air France- Dispatch video
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    Atlas: HNL-SYD

    Any Atlas dxers around? I need help with some HNL-SYD logistics on the 25th. Thanks! -271
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    Anybody UPS dxers workin tonight(Monday)?

    Please PM me if so... I have a personal request. Thanks, -271
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    JetBlue & Irene... Backup SOC?

    Are y'all staying put and riding her (Irene) out? Any backup locations to bail out to in case of rapture? In any case- hoping for the best for you guys!
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    Canadian DX license conversion- anyone done it?

    Jazz has a posting for dispatchers. Just outta curiosity- any canadian aircraft dispatchers on here?
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    If anyone plans flights in/out of LLBG on a regular basis, plz pm me. Thanks.
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    Possible North American Opportunity...
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    Shuttle Launch

    At work on a really slow night, I was excited to watch Endeavour go up on NASA TV... until it was scrubbed a couple mins before launch. The last night launch of the shuttle... Tune in tomorrow morning around 4am for the retry!
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    Old TAF Question

    I need to pull up a fcst from 2 months ago- anyone know how or know where to go to get it?
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    History Channel featuring FedEx - "Jobsite - Deadline Delivery"

    A few months back the History Channel came into GOC and filmed dispatch as a part of this show... from the History Channel's website: "A hospital patient is waiting in New York City for a radioactive pharmaceutical that could save her life, but it has to be shipped overnight all the way from...
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    Trivia Question...

    What do India, Downunder, Bubba, Gecko, Shovel, Mike, Hotel & Mobile 9 all have in common?
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    Polar Routes

    For anyone with experience dispatching Polar routes: 3 Questions: - What website(s) do you use for monitoring space weather? - What Satcom provider do you use? - How does your company monitor fuel freeze issues pre departure?
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    License Pay

    Maybe this has already been covered before, I honestly didn't search. Sorry if its a repeat. At Purple, we don't get license pay. How many other airlines out there don't give license pay to their dispatchers? -271
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    Continental Intl J/S for Dispatchers?

    Anyone know if offline dispatchers can J/S internationally on Continental? I know they take Pilots/FA's, but dxers fall into that gray area... -N271FE