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    New Flying for XJet?

    I second that. They can keep that horrible city.
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    Mokulele Flies to London?

    They had a 767 parked at signature in Ord last week.
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    This just in...

    You've been drinking the skywest koolaid by the gallons.
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    New ASA bases and fences

    ORD stays at XJT.
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    ASA Premium Pay for losers!

    And the same idiots at xjt picking up open time at 150%.
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    XJT opening ORD base in May.

    good luck.
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    XJT opening ORD base in May.

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    UAL RJ at ASA hangar

    I guess xjt went all out for the ual flying then. Havent even started the new cpa flying yet and a bunch of airplanes already painted in ual colors. Most have new leather seats, new carpet, wall panels, new blue matching seat belts, xm radio, and wifi coming soon.
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    CO Load help

    hnl-gum has 20 seats with 12 standbys gum-mnl has 28 seats with 3 standbys
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    ASA ORD Base

    Why just IAD and not ORD?
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    ASA ORD Base

    Heard that ORD is no longer going to happen just IAD?
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    The ASA Dulles Deal

    Am I the only one that missed the press release on this flying the ASA guys got?
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    Southwest taxis past me while I roll out on landing

    Im only hoping I get to work for SWA one day. Born and breed in Chicago and looking for that MDW base. I commuted on SWA for a year and loved it. They know how to get the job done and they don't waste time doing it. Im also sure most of them are making more then that 747 pilot.
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    XJT Up 23% in Morning Trading

    They lost 10million.
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    XJET Conference Call Tonight

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    XJET Conference Call Tonight

    Xjt coming to ord and iad
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    Tool sighting

    The first thing I do after finishing a trip is lose the stripes and tie on the bus to the employee lot. I can't figure out why some one thinks it's cool to drive home in full uniform. The funny thing is these nurses and truck drivers make more then us and their home every night. They have...
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    "The 27" at Colgan

    My ass cracking dads in the teamsters and he’s a truck driver for Kraft Foods. He’s put me through college and paid for all my flight training. I can also guarantee you that he makes more then you and lives a much more stable and happy life. He’s also home every night and has celebrated every...
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    XJT pay concessions pass easily

    A sad day in the aviation industry. A bunch of pilots full of fear give in to the bully.