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  1. Saluki Dawg

    SWAPA Reps speak out against TA.

    So the OAK Reps think Scope is for sale? I guess they just haven't gotten to a price they're willing to sell it back for. I fear that this attitude not only permeates the BOD, but the majority of our pilots as well. Scope can NEVER EVER be for sale no matter how much the Company "sweetens the...
  2. Saluki Dawg

    SWAPA Forum issues should get you in.
  3. Saluki Dawg

    Does anyone knows if United allows international jumps eating?

    You need to make sure you eat before you jumps eat. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  4. Saluki Dawg

    SWA speed control in ATL

    ATL definitely has their own way doing things that's for sure. The other day we were told to maintain 300 knots in the descent and to cross xyz at 12,000 and 250 knots. We comply with all instructions. When we slow for the crossing restriction per ATL Approach's instructions, we are asked what...
  5. Saluki Dawg

    Southwest Pilot Application Window Open.

    250 pilots during this round of hiring.
  6. Saluki Dawg

    Thanks United! Southwest increases Love Departures

    Actually, since WN paid for the Terminal in HOU, they have access to all 5 gates. They just have to accommodate any other International carrier that wants access to HOU with the fifth gate on an as needed basis. So far, no other Airlines have expressed any interest in operating International...
  7. Saluki Dawg

    Thanks United! Southwest increases Love Departures

    Volaris and Interjet are already flying out of IAH, so they don't appear to be interested in serving HOU.
  8. Saluki Dawg

    Merry Christmas flyers

    Merry Christmas!
  9. Saluki Dawg

    SWA, Airline of the year

    2015 Airline of the Year.
  10. Saluki Dawg

    2nd Qtr Results are In -- $102M profit

    Dude.........You got issues.
  11. Saluki Dawg

    Delta to buy 50 Airbus Widebody jets.....article

    Buy American!
  12. Saluki Dawg

    Growth finally for SWA

  13. Saluki Dawg

    Delta Hiring SWA pilots?

    I disagree. I think that there are many throughout the seniority list that feel the same way Bake does. It doesn't mean that he is leaving, or that he is about to be fired. It just means that WN isn't the same Airline that it was 14 years ago when he was hired. It's never a bad thing to...
  14. Saluki Dawg

    Delta Hiring SWA pilots?

    The fact that this question is being asked not by a SWA F/O, but a Captain, is what I find to be most telling. Things have changed for the worse at SWA, and I don't blame any pilot at this Airline for exploring all of their options. I've thought about leaving for at least the last 5-6 years...
  15. Saluki Dawg

    Southwest's on-time performance

    Yes. The International Res. System is Amadeus, and the Domestic Res. System which is currently Braniff's old Cowboy System will be updated to Amadeus within the next two years. So, once that's accomplished, the Res. System should run much more smoothly
  16. Saluki Dawg

    Q3 at Delta: $1.6 Billion profit, $431 million higher than last Q3

    Another great Quarter. I agree with Fred. Great CEO, excellent product, and a well executed operation. Congrats on another strong Quarter.
  17. Saluki Dawg

    Southwest Window

    I've been at WN longer than Red and I don't make 200K. Can it be done? Yes, but you would have to score a lot of Premium and fly a ton to do it.
  18. Saluki Dawg

    Knee defender $21.95. Diverted and kicked off for acting like 5 year olds...priceless

    I've personally never used knee defender, but love the idea. United seat pitch is already tight enough without having the passenger in front of me slamming their seat back as far as it will go and rendering my workspace useless. He should have compromised with the other passenger and adjusted...
  19. Saluki Dawg

    The Big January Bid at SWA for AT

    No worries. Just my cynical side coming out, I guess we've all just had the football yanked away too many times.