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  1. givpicachanc

    records of flight plan

    Hi guys does the ATC or the FAA have a datbase for the IFR flight plans we file? The trip sheets wont do,company is looking for something from the goverment(going back about 4 years). Please help
  2. givpicachanc

    looking for lost friend

    Hey guys am looking for my friend Joushua callahan. We worked together at Red Bird airport(Dallas,Tx). His dad Is a retired AA pilot. I heard he was flyin for some corporate or charter outfit. He is originally from texas and his dad lived near Possum Kingdom lake. If you guys have any Info...
  3. givpicachanc

    hawker 800A

    Hi guys, I am managing a Hawker 800A (strictly part 91)out of houston. I am the only pilot on salary I always get contract SIC. I manage the airplane and am responsible for Mantainene and all up keep of the avaition Department.My total time is about 4900 hrs of which 1000 is in Hawkers (abt...
  4. givpicachanc

    aircraft interior

    Hi guys I run a small company with a Hawker 800A. looking for some suggestions on Interior guys around Houston Or Dallas.Someone you guys could rely upon for good work and reasonable price. I have heard about horrible things dealing with these guys. Any help is appreciated
  5. givpicachanc

    When it rains it pours

    Hi guys, I lost my job today, it is the saddest day of my life. I am so lost i dont know what to do. The company doesnt want to utelise me as a contract pilot either coz they have enough pilots now. BTW i lost my job coz of the sale of the equipment. The company was really nice an...
  6. givpicachanc

    Colgan Asked to PFT

    I got a call today from Regional Airline academy today. they said i could have a interview with Colgan on wednesday if i could qulify for a $16500 loan through sally mae. The reason they said was that Colgan had furloughed SAAB pilots and couldnt afford to train them, so they re looking for 8...
  7. givpicachanc

    lighten up folks

    Here is something funny for all. AIRPLANE - Fliegenwagen > > >PROPELLER---Der Airfloggen Pushenthruster > > >ENGINE---Der Noisenmaken Pistonpusher Das Turnens Der Airfloggenfan >Pushenthruster > > >JET ENGINE---Der Schreemen Skullschplitten firespitten Smokenmaken >Airpushbacken...
  8. givpicachanc

    PiC time

    Dear Fellow Pilots, Happy New Year and may all of you Get your dream job. Here is the Question- Student is private certificate holder and he is appropriatly rated in the airplane but he doesnt have his Instrument rating. If he is flying with his instructor(CFII) in...
  9. givpicachanc

    Turn Into Good Engine????

    Folks here is scenerio: Part 23 light twin (Piper Apache)---- I am coming straight ahead to the runway with left engine out. Here is what i teach my students i tell them to request a trafic pattern so they have to turn into the good engine. The reasons i give them is 1)banking into the...
  10. givpicachanc

    My friend has SVT

    Dear Fellas One of my friend who is a aspiring pilot just found out that he has a heart condition called Super Ventriculor Technocardia. Apparently he knew about it couse he could feel his heart beat faster some times But he ignored it thinkin it will be all right.His Doctor...
  11. givpicachanc

    Chief pilot or 135 pilot

    Guys i need Y'alls help. I am a chief pilot for a part 61 school the money is ok but i also got a 135 offer flying cessna 402 what should i do?or what looks good on my resume a bunch of multi time as part 61 chief pilot or multi time as part 135 pilot.I am not able to decide but my goal is to...
  12. givpicachanc

    Atp Question

    page 205 Q)9068 Gliem: under normal conditions, which combination of MAP and RPM produce the most severe wear and fatigue to high performance engines: 1) high RPM Low MAP 2)low RPM High MAP 3)High RPM High MAP I would think the answer is 2, but it says its 1. enlighten me folks
  13. givpicachanc


    Congratulations Dracos, I hope you have more fun with your 150
  14. givpicachanc

    I screwd up

    whats up guys , I need your help on this issue I came accross this add for 135 job, I called the chief and spoke to him,he asked me to fax my resume Immediatly. He seem to be a nice guy,i thought i had the job so i went and prepared me a resume and a cover letter. At the same time i prepared a...
  15. givpicachanc

    Flight Express

    Can anyone give me information about this 135 outfit. I want to know how it is considering paycheck, training,Airplanes and contract for six months.Thanks in advance.
  16. givpicachanc

    flight express

    guys any one know about flight express. i wanna know how is it to work for them (contract training paycheck and airplanes).thanks in advance.
  17. givpicachanc

    Heard Of This School

    any one heard of this school REGIONAL AIRLINE ACADEMY. they gaurantee inetrview with ALLEGHANY.any info is helpful