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    Jetstream Pilots; Vee Neal; Pennsylvania

    PM me if you are thinking about this job....I will fill you in
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    Nylon or Leather for Flight Case?

    Thanks for the input........I got a nylon (Crew Gear Cordura) one for Christmas and was wondering if the upgrade to Leather was worth it for the long haul (30 more years).
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    Nylon or Leather for Flight Case?

    If money was not an option,which is a better quality? In other words which will last longer and/or are the "norm" for crews? Thanks for your help...
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    For those of you that are splitting hairs about scabs it is just no use. Go ahead and cross and face the consequences.....
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    Jetstream 31

    YUP........750 flew it........ it
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    Mesa Guys/Gals, Read This!

    The difference is that Mesa CAVED and Mesaba is standing strong.......... Go get em boys :)
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    Shouldn't have crossed......period.....whatever the reason. Take your protest of ALPA somewhere else.
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    Judge BLOCKS MESA from replacing Board

    I KNOW this can't be his endgame. He is a ......well I don't have to list all the adjectives........just look above and do a search. But one thing he is not though is stupid....he is the kind of guy who says look at this hand while he is stealing your grandmothers pocketbook with the...
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    Mesabe Pilot's Stay Strong

    I have heard through the grapevine that Mesaba is trying to get crews (not employees or at least non-union pilots that are Saab qualified) to reposition airplanes back to MTC bases. If you need more info just PM me..... Other than that, stay strong and let the games have MUCH...
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    Frontier's major expansion announcement

    Congrats Frontier.........should be an interesting new year !
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    What's it like to fly a J31/32?

    Yeah......I remember the days in the J31........slow, loud......... what?....umm yeah I still AM in the 31 my bad You just have to experience will have a blast. When you get a hundred hours in it let us know what you think........muwahahaha
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    Portland ME, cool stuff to do?

    Dry Dock is also great food.......right by there.
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    Portland ME, cool stuff to do?

    We go there all the time......Demillos is a great restaurant for seafood. If price is an issue, go to Newick's......14 buck whole Lobstahs. Lunch is pretty easy too.......Sebago Brewery, 3 dollar Dewey's. As for things to do there in winter????.......Nuttin Have a good time........
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    Stay or go?

    A M F....defenitely
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    Realistic Chances of Working forFrontier

    Hey Willard.....just for your info I HAVE and AM paying my dues. I am not going into details......just trust me. Appreciate the support from the previous posts....
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    Realistic Chances of Working forFrontier

    I appreciate the quick response greatly. One of my friends did actually did just that.........he handed in my resume into that other pile this week. As for 5000 that should come by the middle of next year (my regular trips have a lot of away-from-base trips but not much flight time)...
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    Realistic Chances of Working forFrontier

    Just a question to throw at all of you about my chances of actually getting hired by F9? 4500 total-------1400 PIC Turbine------blah blah NO jet time 4 Possible LORs I went to college in Denver and am looking for a way back there. Frontier would be a last stop in my aviation career if there...
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    What would you say to JO

    I would have to ask him how many of his pilots had to endure going to the Grocery Store and give FOOD STAMPS to allow him to have 15 motorcycles. Is there a NO helmut law in AZ? Aviation, as a whole, is lesser with him in business.
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    Seen this on Ebay ?

    AMAZING.....A PFTer who can't even PFT......ClAsSiC
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    Weird crew members

    I flew with one captain who had tossed a female copilot--the only one he ever flew with--out of the airlane and onto the ramp, and then tossed her gear out on top of her----- LOL Is that weird?!......just kidding