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    SWA Side Letter.

    The problem with this side letter is it sets a recent precedent for 6 TFP for RSV. I do not believe reserves should be paid 10% less than everyone else. I think that reserve is our weakest contract section. Sitting for free after getting abused for 3 weeks, b scale 6 TFP, getting used twice in...
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    SWA scheduling question

    It should also be noted that there seems to be some seasonality in premium available to CA vs FO. Lately CA premium has been more prevalent than FO. It is also much easier to give away as a CA than as an FO due to the lances. Some bases have much more commuters than others which affects the way...
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    SWA scheduling question

    I tried to showcase some of the flexibility. No one ever said you will make 150TFP a month avg as a junior FO. At my 5 yr rate that would be $201,366. Yeah its possible, as bourbon said join a cartel and be sked's #%$. Otherwise you have the option to get those months in the summer, and decent...
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    SWA scheduling question

    That's weird it didn't go through. Anyway, in a nutshell I think that seniority has very little to do with the open time you can get except for low block 1 or 2 day trips during peak months. During the slow months it is almost impossible to get open time at premium bc sked uses reserves for the...
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    SWA scheduling question

    Check your PMs
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    My entire outlook on SWA has changed.

    For all of you trying to compare AAI/SWA to DAL/NWA please stop. The reason this merger was successful was because the carriers' pilots had very similar career expectations AND gobs of retirements. How many applications were on file from the respective airlines? Please answer this question...
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    Are Pilots Forgetting How to Fly?

    I tend to agree with the article as well. It is way too easy to fall into the automation complacency trap. Not just with hand flying, but with the math as well. I find myself guilty of the latter more than anything. Thankfully the automation on our 737s is so uncomfortable at times that I hand...
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    Another SWA proposal

    I thought this isn't about the money?
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    Airtran MEC voted no

    It sucks that you guys were held hostage by such a small group of guys. I personally did not care for SL9 but for you not to have a chance at voting on it was very poor form. Even if the MEC sent it out with a NO recommendation I would respect the decision. Unfortunately, just like when dealing...
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    A message from Gary to SWA and AAI pilots

    I noticed that earlier....My retinas hurt
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    Don't let them ruin the moment....back to your regular programming.
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    Hug. That was nice.
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    I'm sorry if you misconstrued my statement earlier as an insult. I started flying RJs at a very young age not because I sucked, but because I couldn't get hired at SWA yet. Once I acquired my PIC time I was able to move on as an older guy. I will be even older when I move to the left seat. I was...
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    thanks of luck
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    JT, Would you please do a search of all my post and quote ONE time I ever called AT pilots Trannys. I don't use insults to make a point. A simple apology would be nice for calling me an arrogant fu(k. Enjoy your day.
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    JT, Resorting to name calling seems a bit uncalled for don't you think? I will refrain from dishing out insults, but will point out an error. After using an unimaginative expletive you assert that hiring mins were exactly the same. Exactly how much PIC turbine was required to join AAI? That is...
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    JT, I posted an answer to your question. Care to counter?
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    SWAPA does not lose anything for the AAI raise

    I will take a stab at this one. One must assume that SWA has a certain amount of $ to spend on labor. I believe this assumption will be met with little resistance. If we agree on this, then we agree it becomes a zero-sum game. You squeeze one side of the balloon and the other side inflates. For...
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    Why are the 1700+ trannies pilots not recalling their status reps?

    There really isn't anything fuzzy about the math. Let's take it to an extreme example to help you understand. Airline A with 30 yrs of longevity on the pilot list buys Airline B which is running its first new hire class. In this scenario DOH would cause airline B's #1 pilot ( a new hire) to...
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    Will ATN/ALPA force this on their pilot group?

    6 yrs and you are only making 110k? Don't you get some sort of base protection for too long? Anyway, I'm on your side. Vote No.