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  1. passion4flying

    Jobs in Dubai

    Hey Everybody, I have been getting real interested in getting information on companies in Dubai. I have alot of fixed wing time and am in school getting my commercial helo and instrument add on. I allready realize the problems having low helicopter time. but i would be very interested in...
  2. passion4flying

    Wireless Headset?

    Does anbody know of a manufacturer that makes wireless headsets. TIA
  3. passion4flying

    Wireless Headset?

    Does anybody know of a manufacturer that makes wireless headsets for the cockpit? TIA
  4. passion4flying

    Looking for a good helicopter school

    Hello, looking for a good school to train full time until I get my commercial add-on. Looking at cost, equipment, time to train and good instructors. Thank you in advance.
  5. passion4flying

    Advice on helicopters schools needed.

    Thanks in advance. I am looking for a good helicopter school. I would like to train full time to get a commercial add-on to my atp fixed-wing certificate. Again, thank you.
  6. passion4flying

    Lear 24a Performance #'s?

    Hey all, Can anybody with Lear24a experience give me insight on that specific airplane. I am looking for performance numbers. Fuel flow numbers. range. and anything about that type would be helpful. I appreciate it. Passion
  7. passion4flying

    New Law for Pilots

    Has anybody heard of the new legislation passed Jan 24, 03, allowing the TSA to do a security check of everyone (mechanics, pilots, and the like) with a FAA license. Scuttlebut is that if you are deemed a security threat, TSA can recommend to the FAA that they pull your licenses. When the FAA...
  8. passion4flying

    Best Operator

    All, Here is the name of the best cargo 135 cargo operator out there. Miami Valley Aviation. They fly BE-18's, DC-3's, Lear 25 and 35's and DA-20's. They treat their people great and have a very good business up and operating. They also fly out of the Dayton Cincinnatti area. Passion
  9. passion4flying


    Does anybody have any first hand information on headsets that are very compact and have the mic built into the ear piece. They are supposed to be made for race car drivers and the like. thanks. Brett
  10. passion4flying

    Wal-Mart II

    Everyone, Hello. RebeJetGirl has asked me to help answer some questions since she is unable to. Let me give all the basics and hopefully that will answer everyone's questions. First You can send your resumes to: Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Attn: Jenny Ford 5 Hammerschmidt Dr. Rogers, AR 72756...
  11. passion4flying

    Dual-Rating jobs?

    Question for anybody, Does anybody know where to look for job that fly require both helicopter and fixed wing ratings? Thanx
  12. passion4flying

    FED-EX Question

    Has anyone ever heard of people getting hired with FED-EX with all of the qualfications met except a 4 year degree.
  13. passion4flying

    Lear 60 Pay?

    Does anybody have an idea what the average starting pay is for a Learjet 60 Co-Pilot in the Mid-west? Any information is welcome. Thanx
  14. passion4flying


    I just saw that UPS was advertising for pilots on one of the aviaton classifieds web sites dated 3 Jan 02. Does anybody have any information other than they are starting to look for pilots.