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    NetJets Pilots Get TA

    i voted yes (for several reasons) but regardless of how you voted, i think we all can agree that this gets everybody pulling in the same direction
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    Pay farce, smarsh HAHAHAHAH

    question this is NOT a TA correct? you guys are non-union, so you don't get to vote on this. Basically this is what you're getting and that's that??
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    NetJets Pilots Get TA

    AWESOME... Great news This and the new aircraft order should improve morale
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    Gulfstream Made in USA

    they want Gulfstream because of status, they couldn't care less where they're built for most of these people, flying a Gulfstream is like wearing Armani, image is everything
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    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    i see you're one of those guys who has to win every argument even if it means believing your own bs fine. you win the NJASAP is scared FJ pilots make more FJ is more expensive NJ owners leave for FJ because of our attitude
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    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    well that's the whole point. I'M BACK claims "drones of owners are leaving NJ for FJ" i wouldn't say "drones" But several owners have left NJ for FJ. Reason being FJ is about 25-30% cheaper. your CEO decided to follow the Mesa airlines game plan and be a bottom feeder to capture market...
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    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    “Drones of Netjets owners are leaving NJ for FJ”. Some true to that. But Not because “of our attitude” But because your company is the MESA airlines of the fractional world. Undercutting everybody You can buy into a G-450 at FJ for the same price of a CL350 at NJ Or CL 300 at FJ for...
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    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    At present Flexjet is the industry’s red headed step child. I gotta think management will try to capitalize on that. Probably start a charm offensive campaign to attract pilots, maybe titled “come to NJA where management and the union will be working together for years to come” I’m sure...
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    NJASAP Officials stand in front on Flexjet sign with their center fingers extended

    Are we doing this now, Once a month someone starts a thread about NJ becoming the next FJ? here at NJA, the union-management relationship is the best I’ve seen in my 14 years of service. I’m NOT saying everything is perfect, or that peace and harmony abound. But it is the best I’ve seen. I...
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    Vote will be counted right now

    WOW Hey Kenn. Is that you? That’s gotta be you.
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    NJA Pilot for DECERT

    Oh I’m sure NJA’s management is keeping an eye on that. If there’s a refugee crisis at Flex-flops, I’m sure NJA’s management will be more than ready to scoop up as many as they can Their target is 150 new hires this year. But they’d hire as many as they can for when that rainy day does come
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    What does Frank really think of the Netjets Pilots?

    My buddy is a Latitude captain, He's got 3 kids about to go to college. He's on the 76 day sched, tries to work holidays, and sometimes vokunteers to work extra. He says he's going to make about $240K this year hey FRANK. can you think of a non-union place where you could make that kind...
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    Economy up but fractionals flat You can watch the short video or read the article.
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    Economy up but fractionals flat

    I read that too. I call BS on that Remember 5 years ago, the norm was 350 revenue flights Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays? These days I often see anywhere from 420-450 revenue legs T, F and Sundays. Lots of red and yellow on the calendar. Our sales team had another “ Great month”. But...
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    Some NetJets Pilots getting unsolicited job info from Flex/FO

    yeah. I got one too. I just bought a house. No idea how the hell they got my new adress
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    Something I have not seen posted.

    I support the NJASAP 100%, and the union PROS far outweigh the CONS I wouldn’t say that this is a benefit of not having a union, but one thing that most of us (or maybe all of us) complain about is that the union has the obligation to defend the trouble makers. Just flew with a guy who said...
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    The King of the Fractional market (Model)

    the ex NJI guys love Santulli. they had it so so good when he was around. I went over to NJI back in 2007. it is my opinion that back in 2007, NJI was probably the best job in the U.S. so consequently to NJI personnel, he was like a God. I agree with some of the observations the...
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    Age Sixxty Five

    I just heard we have around 80 guys over the age of 70. Half of them out on medical-disability
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    Word on the street about flex decertification effort...

    To my understanding, JetBlue, Alaska Netjets and even the mighty southwest are having trouble filling classes. So FLOPS and Flex will find it particularly hard
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    Age Sixxty Five

    I support any age limit 100%. 65, 67 or even 70. Just give me something. We younger guys need an age limit. And we need it now. I’d like to know where I’d be in so many years. I’d like to plan my career a little better. I’d like to be a Global captain some day, Fly all over the world...