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  1. FastestPA31Ever

    173 Contract Towers Closing Fulton County, my home airport, is on that list. We just got the email today from the airport manager. I'm not politically savvy enough to know if this is all really going to happen, or if it is just the latest in a...
  2. FastestPA31Ever

    G550 Captain - Coca Cola in Atlanta, GA
  3. FastestPA31Ever

    Do me a favor...

    Those of you that may have the January 2010 issue of Professional Pilot laying around, or stumble upon it in an FBO, as I did the other day - flip to page 57. As I was thumbing lazily through the mag, I came across this - a full page Rockwell/Collins ad that shows what looks like a picture taken...
  4. FastestPA31Ever

    Two Jump Questions

    Hey everyone, have been jumpseating for a while, but have two questions: 1. I've been wearing a beard and moustache lately (trimmed and kept up, not messy), and would like to keep it, but I need to jumpseat this weekend. Is this generally looked down upon, or does it not matter too much...
  5. FastestPA31Ever

    Atlanta Medical Examiners?

    Hey everyone, Need my first class medical renewed, and haven't been to anyone in ATL yet. Any suggestions? I live in the Inman Park/Highlands area, but can travel anywhere really. Thanks for any info!
  6. FastestPA31Ever

    Thanks Airtran!

    Jumpseated on you guys again this weekend, and just wanted to say thanks in general. Every experience I have had trying to ride has been pleasant and easy, which is a relief when trying to get to loved ones on a tight schedule. Be sure to call us at Airnet if you ever need to get somewhere at...
  7. FastestPA31Ever

    Southern Company LR-45 SIC spot?

    Saw a listing for a spot with them in Atlanta. Anybody know about their operation, pay, stability? In general, should I leave night cargo for them (that was partially a joke!). Thanks
  8. FastestPA31Ever

    Where to live in ATL?

    I will be based in Atlanta beginning in January, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any cool places to live. I would like to be close to downtown, in a place that is unique (loft, older house, Michael Vick's guest suite). If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it!
  9. FastestPA31Ever

    Cessna Twin Caravan?

    When I was unloading in IND a few weeks ago, an aircraft pulled up next to me, and on the tail it said Cessna, Twin Caravan. It was a fairly large (about the size of a Cheyenne III), twin turboprop. I had never seen nor heard of these before. Anyone know the story? Only a few produced, or...
  10. FastestPA31Ever

    Indianapolis Jobs?

    Does anyone know of any corporate/charter departments in the Indianapolis area that might be looking for co-pilots? I am currently based there doing 135 cargo, and would like to stay around, but there is no advancement there in my company. I am currently at about 2500 total, 1300 multi, blah...