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  1. Cpt Oveur

    Eagle Shoot Down Offer

    The MEC voted 5 to 4 rejecting it
  2. Cpt Oveur

    117 & Airport Reserve

    It must be added to your schedule prior to block in. Notification can occur afterwards, as long as they can provide proof to you that it was added to your assignment prior to block in...
  3. Cpt Oveur

    ExpressJet JCBA is complete

    I just hope the briefing didn't go along the lines of "We have to pass it to find out what's in it"
  4. Cpt Oveur

    More planes for ExpressJet

    Nevets, you don't listen to facts you don't agree with, so it's futile continuing. Good day to you, sir.
  5. Cpt Oveur

    More planes for ExpressJet

    In honesty, yes. They absolutely agreed to flight line without knowing its true cost.
  6. Cpt Oveur

    More planes for ExpressJet

    Someone help me out, but if they're bidding on the Embraer side, wouldnt that imply they can have a cheaper cost? Or at least negotiating for a cheaper cost? Why go through the world of bidding a more expensive product? This is not a warning to the Embraer brothers to get in line, this is a...
  7. Cpt Oveur

    More planes for ExpressJet

    Let me be pragmatic, Nevets. There is no number I could quote on here that you would actually believe. Also, if legacyExpressjet and ASA MECs did its diligence, that would already have been determined.
  8. Cpt Oveur

    More planes for ExpressJet

    Has anyone from the L-Expressjet side asked how much Flightline costs per month vs smartPref?
  9. Cpt Oveur

    More planes for ExpressJet

    How much money would have to be invested for smartPref to be implemented?
  10. Cpt Oveur

    ASA MEC draws a line in the sand

    Both MECs need to go, it's time to stop agenda setting and well past the time to have got a JCBA. Everyone will dig their heels in, and after Pinnacle ratifies a substandard TA, our "industry standard" is going to be a whole heck of a lot less. Has anyone ever asked how much money per month...
  11. Cpt Oveur

    TA details

    I'd be ok if they kept their longevity, but their seniority?
  12. Cpt Oveur

    Who's the potential buyer of the C-Series?

    The release said "the Americas," so I'm going to interpret that to be North America, Central America, and South America.
  13. Cpt Oveur

    Who's the potential buyer of the C-Series?

    Trans states holdings
  14. Cpt Oveur

    Getting to Cargo ramps

    If you call Fedex they'll give you the number to local ops, always a good place to ask. UPS will provide the same info.
  15. Cpt Oveur

    Pinnacle 1113 ruling set for this Thursday

    So no ruling?
  16. Cpt Oveur

    So when do the new rest rules actually happen?

    Everyone might want to reread the sections of the .pdf and look at Fatigue Risk Mitigation Program (FRMS). The tables at the end of it aren't as cut and dry as thought...
  17. Cpt Oveur

    DFW XJT City Pairs?

    They've expressed preference for all the current maintenance stations. BTR being the closest hangar that already has Bombardier RON work.
  18. Cpt Oveur

    DFW XJT City Pairs?

    BTR/SHV they have expressed preference for...
  19. Cpt Oveur

    Lasa prelim award!

    It doesn't.