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  1. dhampton

    swapa oopsie

    Oops, BTW the little POS things in question are worth about 25 cents each though I don't know what SWAPA paid. It's a thin wrap with velcro for the handle of your brainbag or suitcase and it's emblazoned with a slogan of some kind. We also go a sticker celebrating SWAPA's 25 anniversary. No...
  2. dhampton

    United pilot gets a nod

    Does this guy creep anyone else out?
  3. dhampton

    CAL or SWA

    Has your buddy interviewed at SWA?
  4. dhampton

    SWA Flight case- What size to get

    Everything fits... Your suitcase will be the issue. The Costco bag fits nicely...
  5. dhampton

    Southwest Pilots!

    Goodyear speedbrakes.
  6. dhampton

    Any former SkyWesters now at SWA?

    There are like a million of them based in OAK... Someone will reply.
  7. dhampton

    Replacement for the 737? Endorsed by SWA

    Man, you are funny! I mean it! You should do a comedy tape or something, we could all pass it around and listen to it in our El Caminos. Mullet jogging Suit Airlines... Can I use that? Gawd that is funny.
  8. dhampton

    $1 bar drinks for SWA crew?

    Urban legend....
  9. dhampton

    FDX airplane rumor

    What ever happened to the 737s? Are you guys still getting those?
  10. dhampton

    Southwest ?

    I would say definately mention it on your resume....
  11. dhampton

    Newest Boyd prediction

    If the G.O. thought 500s were working in our business model we'd have more than 25 of em.
  12. dhampton

    New DC X11 vs. Bose

    PBRstreetgang, Actually the reg says boom mic not headset. Not sure about the TSO part, can you cite the reg so I can look it up? 121.359 (g) For those aircraft equipped to record the uninterrupted audio signals received by a boom or a mask microphone, the flight crewmembers are required to...
  13. dhampton

    New DC X11 vs. Bose

    Check this out too. Works with off-the-shelf Bose quiet comfort 2. Has aux input.
  14. dhampton

    737 Operators...

    Without FMC -300 280/.74 -700 280/.78 With FMC, these number vary based on cost index and toc winds.
  15. dhampton

    737 crew bag

    My PNS bag has shredded side pockets from something underneath the jumpseat so when the main zipper finally failed after three years, I spent my money on the costco bag. It's light as a feather and fits just fine under the jumpseat.
  16. dhampton

    Should I go to 737 recurrent ground before class?

    In all seriousness... Please try to have a life before you go to class, you will be very busy once you get to the school house. If you took your type ten years ago I would consider a refresher, but remember, nobody expects you to build the airplane at SWA. If you got your type within the...
  17. dhampton

    Hey Southwest- how come...

    Normally arrivals from the North land 24R and arrivals from the East land 25L. I have landed on 25L a number of times from the Paradise arrival, however, SOCAL will make an effort to put us on 24R if there is room. As far as takeoffs, our gates are right at 24L, so location would appear to be...
  18. dhampton

    Southwest guys, what are you folks able to credit?

    There usually isn't a problem picking up your monthly total to 115 trip credits, but it depends on the base and time of year. Many of us aim for 100 to 110 per month.
  19. dhampton

    ATA adding 4 cities in April '06

    It will be nice to have ATA in Oakland. See you guys there.