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    Crew is pulled from Delta commuter jet; flight to MSP canceled A commuter flight from Grand Forks to Minneapolis-St. Paul was canceled after its three crew members were taken off the job, a spokesman for the airline operating the flight said Monday. Scheduled to depart shortly after 1 p.m...
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    Passport renewal

    Is it possible to get the passport renewed in just a few days, if so, does anyone know how to go about it?
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    SFO Commuters...

    Any good deals on hotels near SFO?
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    NWA went mudding...

    MILWAUKEE - A jet with 104 people on board skidded off a runway in snowy weather Sunday after the Northwest Airlines crew aborted the flight as it began accelerating for takeoff, airline officials said. No serious injuries were reported in the late-morning incident. One passenger on the DC-9...
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    The shuttle safely on the ground...

    ...the astronauts are now busy cleaning up the cabin.
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    Merger mania: Wal Mart and SWA are talking.

    Any truth to this?
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    Age 60 poll
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    Video: 747 going off the runway
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    Vanguard about to bite the dust!

    Vanguard appears on brink of bankruptcy By RANDOLPH HEASTER The Kansas City Star DELORES JOHNSON/The Kansas City Star After more than seven years of struggling to find a niche in the Kansas City airline industry, Vanguard Airlines Inc. appeared on the brink of bankruptcy late Monday evening...
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    UA pilots, get those resumes updated!!

    FROM CAL's BOARD.... Some comments from Gordon on Friday in IAH crew room: -We will return to profitablility by March currently still at 3 mil/day loss. -ALL airplane deliveries will continue as planned through March...then after March it was going to be a question of how we're doing for...
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    Delta Furlough?

    Heard a rumor today about DL cutting a big batch of pilots as of Jan 31st . Anyone else heard the same thing?