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  1. E46_guy

    Question About Certain Helicopter

    yep, AC. Was on a SYX flight with the same thing happening throughout the DoJet's cabin... great effect for Halloween (though it was August). Freaked some of the pax out though. :D E46
  2. E46_guy

    I was bored so I made a stupid video

    I think it's this one... (?) E46
  3. E46_guy

    800 ASOS/AWOS phone number

    I hear the ads, then it dials out, makes some noise and disconnects. 1810z and it's working for O'Hare though... will try the others later, but could have been something with their system. thanks, E46
  4. E46_guy

    800 ASOS/AWOS phone number

    Did you get this thing to work? I get through it only to be hung up on when it dials the AWOS. Tried MSN, LNK and MSP. BTW, make sure to dial "1-877" NOT "1-800" <-- (that one says, "children under 18 must hang up..." Didn't stick around to see if it was any good) E46
  5. E46_guy

    Possible sighting of a Mall Ninja at Oshkosh!

    "Say car ramrod! Say car ramrod!"
  6. E46_guy

    Cell phone coverage...

    I'd also recommend staying away from T-Mo. They're great as long as you're on major highways or in populated areas. Go off the beaten path -even as much as 3 miles- and you're effed -no voice, no data, nothing. I had T-Mo while I was in Alabama and prayed to God I never broke down on a...
  7. E46_guy

    How to post pictures

    LOL! WTF?! C'mon Airbus! Couldn't Pierre have run that through on his slide rule and figured that was going to happen?!? Gawd... t
  8. E46_guy


    If you end up getting into Navions, you'll want to check with the folks at Classic Aero in Aurora, NE (AUH). From what I've heard, this is THE place for Navions... I guess the owner bought up a couple of truckloads of Navion parts back when the factory closed and now runs a full...
  9. E46_guy

    VOR Trivia.

    I've always hear it as " Las Vegas, New Mexico..." but ya, that could make for some confusion. (LVS- where he!! are the slot machines!?) TRB
  10. E46_guy

    VOR Trivia.

    LVS - Las Vegas (New Mexico)...
  11. E46_guy

    Looking to get a Laptop

    I've been using a Sony Vaio FS550 for about 5 months now and definitely think that it's the way to go. I love the screen on it - a huge improvement over the old Dell inspiron laptop I had before. One thing worth noting is to try and get an Intel Centrino processor. I've noticed that the Sony...
  12. E46_guy

    Ferrying aircraft in Florida?

    Looks like the exodus has stared... A squadron of aircraft from the Pensacola Aviation Center have moved up to MGM for the weekend (hope it's safe there). Aircraft Movements for: (MGM) MONTGOMERY RGNL (DANNELLY FIELD), AL -- 07/08/2005 (CDT) 07-08-05 10:36 N345FA PA44 Arrived from PNS...
  13. E46_guy

    Best Looking Girl At An Fbo, Airline Etc.

    Not sure... will have to find out.
  14. E46_guy

    Best Looking Girl At An Fbo, Airline Etc.

    TAC Air - OMA (Alright, so I'm obligated to say that since I'm seeing a girl who worked there for a couple of years)... Still, based on her and her friends who worked there too... d@mn!
  15. E46_guy

    BBQ in HSV

    Don't know about HSV, but I've been to more than a few in BHM and MGM. God I miss the South.... trb
  16. E46_guy

    Breaking News: Small plane crash in Ft. Lauderdale

    Accoring to MSNBC, it was N3906J. In better days: TB
  17. E46_guy

    Aerial Photography - Technical Question

    If I recall, the article in AOPA was about a guy who operated AIRshot Aerial Photogtaphy based in Montgomery, AL. You might shoot them an email and see if they'll give you any tips. I've taken some from hanging out the window in a 172 with a standard SLR, nothing...
  18. E46_guy

    My Photos from Four Corners

    Sweet pics 000. That pic of the valley and your 'stang looks like a Ford ad. Very nice! TB
  19. E46_guy

    microsoft flight simulator downloads?

    The Eaglesoft C750 is definitely worth it...absolutely beautful (the eye-candy they hid in the cabin is nice too). They're coming out with an SR22 with the Avidyne Entegra suite of bells and whistles. Screenshots:
  20. E46_guy

    Destin, FL

    The Swamp (they claim: "Florida's hottest nightclub") is over in Ft. Walton Beach...few miles down the beach from DTS. Have done that a few times. More of a "hookup" sort of college-age place thuogh, they have pretty good bands from time to time. Not too bad if you're in the mood for that...