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    Flight Crew Practical Jokes

    A captain I flew with a few months back recommended this one. Try to find an IOE checklist or folder that your company uses. When you start a new trip, after takeoff hand the CA the checklist and say your last checkairman said you should only need one more flight.
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    Need MSP crashpad

    just a place while I am in MSP. I don't feel like spending every dome on hotels
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    Need MSP crashpad

    Anyone have any information on availability of a crashpad in MSP.
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    Vindication for the Pinnacle TVC Crew

    I did a whole month of TVC when I was at ACA/blue ridge out of ORD. That was of course before Independence and we all know what happened with that. I dont recall TVC being any more difficult than anywhere else. When I was flying the CRJ Into an airport with a shorter runway I didn't mess...
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    Can I get hired at a Regional?

    My instructor lets me fly slow around the pattern on Sunday, but only after Wapner definately after Wapner.
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    Compass Airlines Question

    Here comes the spelling police!
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    Compass Medical??

    Yup just your basic class 1 with an EKG and Hearing, nothing to worry about.
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    Compass Airlines Question

    Like I said before I tend to be an optimist. I am under no delusion that NWA management cares one way or another what happens to the people they employ. I approach everything with a certain amount of skepticism, but when an opportunity appears I have to trust my instincts. By the way I...
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    Compass Airlines Question

    Yes their is a flow down but the industry is on the upswing right now. I am a former Independence pilot, Now that was a flow down!! I dont think NWA is going to do a massive retirement of airplanes. I believe that as people move up on the list and senior folks retire they will start to...
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    compass vs. pncl

    I agree with Willy take the seniority. I am actually starting with Compass as I am writing this. I had a lot of friends from ACA/IDE that went to Pinnacle when we were furloughed, and I have not heard a lot of good things from them. I also see a lot of problems with the out of seniority upgrade.
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    ATP written score

    I studied for mine by placing a six pack on top of the ATP Study guide. Since there is a lot of information in there you have to let the beer sit for at least two hours. Then you drink the beer. I dont feel I am actually ready for the test yet so I plan to do a lot more studying this...
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    Anyone hear from Compass yet?

    To answer the original question I Interviewed the morning of the 10th, flew home and had an email waiting for me the same evening. As far as the interview itself , pretty good experience overall. Their was one other person with me, and we split up he went to the sim and I went to the board...
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    Compass Training Question

    I start on the 28th of Sep. They told me that pass benifits dont start until 30 days after your DOH, although you can still jumpseat. Told me pretty much the same thing about training 18.75 I think for the first 30 days then back to MSP. A few days there and then off to Montreal for up to 45...
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    ACA CRJ Training Redux

    I started with ACA on the 4 of FEB, and completed IOE on the 1 of May. These guys are obviously not going to say congrats and throw you the keys to a jet. You do have to do some work, but Overall I would have to say that the experience was very positive. From what I have heard the training...
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    ACA Questions...

    I am a CRJ new hire at ACA and I can tell you my class and the other three classes that started after mine all got ORD. I understand that the ORD side will continue to grow. Mark
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    CRJ training at ACA

    I have seen many posts here about what things were like in the past; however, I have not seen any posts from folks who are in the training program right now. Hopefully I will be able to clear things up a bit. I am a CRJ new hire at ACA and I can tell you that the training to this point has...