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  1. bmxandjets

    FedEx quesyons

    FedEx questions please.. - How long to get LAX FO? - Typical schedule for Memphis/LAX, 7 on 7 off? - How short a trips can you typically do, 3-4 day trips even an option? - How easy is it to giveaway flying? Appreciate any information you may have.. Coming up on 4 years at SW and looking at...
  2. bmxandjets

    tax free question for Reservists

    Guard/Reserve dudes, If you are in a tax free zone, that month's pay is tax free... But, if you come home during that month and do UTA's/AFTP's, are they tax free also? Thanks-
  3. bmxandjets

    NJI schedules

    just curious, what kind of schedules do NJI guys have? 7 on 7 off? similar to NJA? also, is it true, NJI new hires will come from NJA? thanks.
  4. bmxandjets

    NJ hiring calls?

    Anyone interview in the last 3 weeks that has been called or recieved a letter yet?
  5. bmxandjets

    DAL 76ER (jfk) new hires

    what's a typical month look like for you guys? how many days scheduled for reserve? how big of blocks? how often getting called out to actually fly? thanks in advance.
  6. bmxandjets

    NJA 15 day flex

    anyone heard how this new schedule is working out?
  7. bmxandjets

    corporate in Kansas City

    anyone know of any corporate flying gig's in the KC area? thanks.
  8. bmxandjets

    flexjet question

  9. bmxandjets

    NJA question

    just curious, how easy is it for a guy to switch crew bases from the 100 available? is there no restricitions? thanks.
  10. bmxandjets

    some Delta questions

    1- how much does a new hire in training have to fork out on average for out of pocket expenses for hotel and uniforms, etc? 2- for guys assigned the 767ER, is their pay scale the 767-4 pay, or the 767/757 scale? 3- is seniority within a new class still based on last 4 of social security...
  11. bmxandjets

    GI BILL question for 737 type course

    has anyone taken flight training and used GI BIll benefits, and had to choose whether to use the 1606 or the REAP 1607? i am mainly conscerned with how much, or what % the 1607 benefits pay. thanks in advance.
  12. bmxandjets

    SWA question

    To the SWA guys and gals: On a typical schedule for a low seniority type guy, about how many calender days does a typical schedule include? I had heard in the ballpark of 12? Thanks.
  13. bmxandjets

    DAL question

    For those Delta guys out there, on a normal monthly bid, approximately how many days are you on the schedule? Thanks in advance.